Video: 9 Pics: Why the Jewish Rothschilds had to murder South Africa’s Stephen Goodson!


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[Let’s take a look at the richest and most evil Jewish family on the planet, the Rothschilds. The British Govt, Royal Navy, Army and Royal Airforce are at the disposal of this super-rich family of Jewish filth. The British Empire is very possibly the result of British military power (most critically, the Royal Navy), operating on the basis of Jewish Rothschild ideas. The British go to kill and invade whomever they need to, and the financial spin-off is for the Rothschilds and other Jew scum.

I suspect this is how the entire Western world now works. The White soldiers go and kill whoever needs to be killed so that Jewry may run the economies of the Western world. The leaders, being the cuckolds and general spineless, worthless dogshit that they are, can’t run their own economies. So they have to lick Jew ass all the time. The ONLY white leader who actually ran his own economy was Adolf Hitler… and for that he and the Germans had to be destroyed and killed.

The Jewish Rothschilds are the people who created Israel. They also live in Britain and I suspect that anything the f*ck they want, they get. The British Police, army, navy, etc – will hunt down anyone they need to … in order that the Rothschilds and Britain may continue to have a “powerful economy”. But I must say even that is fading as Britain becomes non-white.

It is this family of filth who sent parcels to the 480,000 British Empire troops in 1901 thanking them for the work they had done in destroying the Boers of South Africa! We’ll return to this topic.

NB: The Rothschild family wealth is of course a huge secret. I saw on the Internet that they claim it is $400 billion. But that’s too little. The Rothschilds have literally bought up entire Western economies since the time of Napoleon. The Fed alone, earns about $120 billion in interest annually from common Americans. The amount varies because sometimes even the US Govt and economy can’t handle the actual amount of interest that is due, so the Fed then let’s them off on some of the payments. But the Fed is merely one of many central banks that Rothschild and other Jewish scum have their hands in. It should be clear that their real wealth must be in the order of trillions of dollars. 

A pal of mine in the UK who knows someone related to the Rothschild scum claims that they’re worth $1 trillion. However, in the video below you’ll see that Stephen Goodson estimated that the Rothschilds actually own about 50% of all the wealth on the planet. Furthermore, there are other super-rich charades and con games like “derivatives” which is money based on markets which have no actual physical basis. Derivatives are worth MORE than the wealth of all the assets on the PLANET! Therefore, when you see estimates that the Rothschilds have a worth in the trillions or hundreds of trillions … that may be much closer to the truth. 

Here is a photo of one of the Rothschild family scum lecturing Prince Charles! Whose the real boss in Britain?

Here’s another Rothschild piece of scum with the black communist Martin Luther King whom the Jews were promoting in the USA – while ignoring real black leaders. MLK was the Nelson Mandela of the USA – a commie loved by the Jews.

Someone did this meme about all the evil Jewish scum who rule over us whites. Jan]

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NB: NB: There are important links on the bottom where you can support Stephen Goodson’s widow by buying his books which the Jews hate. You’ll also find links to the excellent work that Dr Peter Hammond is doing.

Dr Peter Hammond, a Christian from Rhodesia and I discussed Stephen Goodson’s weird death and Goodson’s last statement to a friend before he died that he was being poisoned! Peter was a close friend of Goodson and was involved in the utterly bizarre events around the death of Goodson. He discusses extremely strange things like the hospital immediately seizing Goodson’s body and wanting to cremate it against the wishes of his family. Were the Jews trying to destroy the evidence?

Peter and I discuss the case why an autopsy on Goodson would have been a good idea.

Peter Hammond is a rare Christian who has said that he is against interracial marriage. This has been used against him by Liberal Churches in the USA who have cut off funding to his Front Line Fellowship after discovering his stance on interracial marriage as well as on hearing him being interviewed by me on History Reviewed and him questioning the Jewish holocaust lie and the lies about Germany in WW2.

We discuss JFK’s assassination by the Jews.

Goodson wrote several books, among them: The Genocide of the Boers

Goodson was an economist and had been a director of the South African Reserve Bank (our Fed). Goodson was convinced that the Rothschilds control 50% of the world economy!

We discuss the Rupert family and the Jewish Oppenheimers (who lied about converting to Christianity), as the South African agents for the Rothschilds.

Peter discusses the Jewish monopoly of diamonds in: South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

Peter is convinced that Goodson’s appearance on national TV in South Africa, wherein he spoke about “state capture” having started in South Africa in 1923, may have been the reason he needed to be killed soon. In there he named names and he was doing some dangerous whistle blowing.

We did this interview on 19th November 2018.

You can buy Stephen Goodson’s excellent books from Dr Peter Hammond’s book store:

These two websites belong to Dr Peter Hammond: and

Here is the wikipedia page dealing with Goodson’s life:

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