Afrikaner leaders issue joint declaration


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Joint Afrikaner Declaration at the 30-year anniversary of South Africa’s constitutional dispensation

21 April 2024

A network of leaders from several Afrikaner organisations, networks and individuals releases this joint statement to outline a way forward in light of the serious crisis the country and the Afrikaner community are facing. This statement stems from serious concern about the accelerating state failure in the country, our experience that the ANC is violating important sections of the 1994 settlement, and the intention of Afrikaners across a wide spectrum to work together constructively to find solutions for our own community and for the country.

The significance of this is evident from the fact that this is the first joint declaration of the Afrikaner community since 1994. Although the signatories do not claim to speak on behalf of all Afrikaners, we at least do so on behalf of the nearly two million people that these organisations represent. The declaration stems from talks between several Afrikaner organisations, leaders, networks and individuals who have met regularly since 2021 to reflect on Afrikaners’ future role and place in the country.

While for the past 30 years Afrikaners have campaigned through various organisations for the protection of Afrikaners’ rights and freedom and contributed to the welfare of the country as a whole, one drawback was that there was no collective approach. We could not state our position with one voice against an increasingly distant and even hostile government.

Under these circumstances and with great success, several organisations in our ranks began walking the path of getting things done themselves, and continuing to be self-sufficient and independent of the state and government because we had no other choice. This pursuit of self-reliance included forms of self-determination, promoting Afrikaans, socio-economic projects, cultural development, food security and physical safety.

Our talks have led us to endorse the need for a joint public statement in which we could emphasise our commonalities rather than our differences. Consequently, it can be seen as the first unified declaration since the commencement of the new dispensation, although it still allows for a diversity of opinions.

We release this declaration with the following three objectives:

– We want all South Africans to take note of the disposition and good faith of Afrikaners.

– We want as many other Afrikaner organisations, networks, leaders and individuals as possible to sign the declaration.

– We want to convince the government of the necessity to conclude a cultural accord with Afrikaners, for the sake of stability and for the benefit of the country and all its people.

The attached declaration focusses on 12 key concerns:

1. Afrikaners are an indigenous cultural community connected to Africa.

2. We want to stay here and contribute to the welfare of the country and all its people.

3. Cooperation is in the interest of everyone’s freedom, safety and prosperity.

4. We build to stay in South Africa.

5. Cultural freedom is a condition for democratic freedom.

6. We endorse the equality of all communities.

7. The past must not destroy the future of us all.

8. The Constitution recognises the pursuit of territory.

9. We endorse unity in diversity.

10. It is necessary for us to be able to give input to the authorities.

11. We want to contribute to the economic empowerment of all South Africans.

12. We want to conclude a cultural accord with the government to settle these matters.

This declaration is released and agreed upon by the following organisations, networks, leaders and individuals:


Surname Name Organisation

Boshoff Carel Vryheidstigting

Bosman Jan Afrikanerbond

Burger Schalk Wine farmer and businessman

Buys Flip Solidarity Movement

Coetzee Heleen Akademia

de Jager Theo SAAI

Eloff Theuns Facilitator and independent commentator

Goosen Danie Akademia / FAK (The Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Associations)

Greef OppeL Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns

Hermann Dirk Solidarity

Human Werner Solidarity Movement

Kok Alida Akademia

Kriel Kallie AfriForum

Langner Danie Voortrekker Monument / FAK (The Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Associations)

Malan Koos Constitutional Juris

Mynhardt Monica Journalist

Opperman Chris Afrikaner Africa Initiative

Papenfus Gerhard NEASA

Wiese Dries Afrikanerbond


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