5 Pics: SA: Is the rich evangelical christian preacher Angus Buchan a Free Mason?

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[I’ve mentioned Angus Buchan before in one of my videos: Video: SA WAR: Black attacks: Whites houses burned down – also: Angus Buchan, Malema, DA & FW A supporter in South Africa also sent me a message about Buchan and evangelical preachers all being linked to the Jews: SA: White Christian Lady writes to me: Dr Verwoerd, US Evangelical preachers are JEWS! – also: Angus Buchan

I’ve noticed Buchan being close to the Jewess Helen Zille of the (Jewish entity) the DA. Buchan also has an orphanage for blacks on his farm. Buchan is clearly a Liberal, which means he is not pro-white.

He is most famous for his “Mighty Men” prayer gatherings and he claims to have had 1 million people there. This guy is a farmer, but he is no ordinary farmer. He is very wealthy and clearly linked to Liberals and Jews.

One of my Boer supporters sent me a bunch of images that come from Facebook. I don’t know who the author is. I’m not posting all the images because many of them pertain to The Knights of Malta, who are apparently linked to the Free Masons. I’ve selected a few images with text on them from the author on Facebook who created this.

The author says that the Mighty Men gathering is linked to Free Masonry and that its imagery is the “all seeing eye” of the Masons. Buchan received some awards and these also point to Free Masons. I am suspicious of international awards because the only people who receive them are Jews and Liberals. So the author of this on Facebook might be on to something.

If Buchan is a Free Mason then it means he is in a worldwide organisation that is controlled by and belongs to the Jews. As it is, I am very suspicious of him because the (((Liberal))) Mass Media are massively on his side, and he seems to be 100% in with Liberals who are by definition RACE TRAITORS to WHITES.

Note: Buchan is linked to “Shalom Trust” – a definitely Jewish name.

Is he a Free Mason? Well, maybe people can watch Buchan more closely and let’s monitor his links to the Free Masons and Jews, because rest assured, their goals are anti-white. The Jewess Helen Zille herself fakes it as a Christian, and the Jewish DA (Democratic Alliance) is led by a black Christian weakling, Maimane who is married to a white or Jewish woman. The Jewish DA has clearly recognised the power of Christianity and have angled themselves towards FOOLING WHITE CHRISTIANS into voting for their stupid Jewish party that is funded by big Jewish money while actually angling itself towards winning a big black vote thereby later rendering the whites as useless to their cause. I wouldn’t trust the DA further than I could kick a Jew. My Jewish friends were all huge DA supporters. The DA is Jewry in action trying to fool whites and trying to fool blacks. Jan]

Here are some of the images from the Facebook posting:-

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