Video: FAILED DIVERSITY: Why dozens of churches in Canada have been torched and burned – Indians burning Churches?

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Video: The Art of (((Mis-Management))): The Biggest Con Job that has fooled ALL Whites everywhere!
Whites EVERYWHERE are gradually being fooled regarding leadership and management. Most Whites dont have a clue any more what real, proper, White leadership is like or the tremendous heights it can achieve.

[I hate the way Whites are so filled with guilt about everything and are bending to non-Whites. Anyhow, the bottom line seems to be that Indians are burning down the Churches. This is in Penticton. I was there in 2019 when Paul Fromm took me across Canada. It's a small place far in the West and North of Canada. I'm amazed that this type of thing even happens there. It's sad. This is the result of giving in to the Lower Man. Jews opened this door. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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The Incredible Hero: David Irving - Truth Telling Historian
I have tremendous respect for David Irving. This British man did the most incredible work doing research and telling the truth about Hitler, the NAZIS and Germany. He‘s very old now. Download everything you can from his website and if possible buy his books and support him. This is the most incredible man to come out of Britain in modern times.

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