Video: The Real Cyril Ramaphosa: The WORST White-hating Communist – Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

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Video: The Great Jewish Mask: Part 1 The Jewish ass in the Lions Skin
This is part 1 of the 6 part series I did on The Great Jewish Mask.

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This black piece of shit will be South Africa’s next President. Andrew invited me to discuss Ramaphosa because I had mentioned him in a previous interview and I’d told Andrew that Ramaphosa is very evil and worse than Zuma. So in this interview we discuss Ramaphosa and what I know about him and what I also wrote about him in 2001.

I discovered since doing the video how extremely corrupt Ramaphosa is and he’s clearly in with the Jews and the Liberal super-rich scum. I see hopeful articles in the newspapers about Ramaphosa daily. But I think the blacks are lying to the Liberals and Jews.

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USA‘s No 1 WHITE Racial Prisoner: Reverend Matt Hale
Please help Matt Hale. He was a Reverend in the Church of Creativity. Learn about the despicable story of what Jews did to him! He will be in jail for 40 years WITHOUT EVER HAVING COMMITTED A SINGLE CRIME!

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