Zimbabwe: Cops hunting for a Black man who had sex with his neighbour’s Donkey!

[If you think we whites have problems, you have no idea what the blacks get up to. Some years ago I came across stories of blacks in Soweto, South Africa having sex with dogs. Jan]

Police are looking for a Gutu man who was caught having sex with his neighbour’ s donkey.

Vincent Madzanise of Kuchineni Village in Gutu District vanished after he was caught having sex with Fabian Mawere’ s donkey in broad daylight on New Year’s Day.

According to Masvingo Police Spokesperson, Inspector Charity Mazula, Madzanise was caught in the act by fellow villagers.

“Vincent Madzanise is on the run after being caught having sex with his neighour’ s donkey – he is facing bestiality charges.

We are appealing to those who have information about Madzanise to assist us.We strongly condemn such barbaric and shameful behaviour,” said Mazula.

“The suspect fled when he was confronted by fellow villagers.We are making frantic efforts to nab him,” said Mazula.

Source: https://www.zimeye.net/cops-hunt-for-man-caught-having-sex-with-donkey/

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