IMPORTANT: Is Julius Malema’s EFF deliberately trying to create a Black/White racial confrontation in Coligny?


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I got information today that a large number of EFF supporters arrived in Coligny in vehicles with GP (Gauteng) number plates. They assembled and marched through the centre of the town. They did not meet with the Police nor any other authorities. They just marched through the town. It seems they were there for quite a few hours. My contact only arrived at the end before they left.
Nobody knows why they did this. We think it might be because of the trial of the 2 whites apparently for the murder of the black boy who had been caught in the farmers’ field. That trial had been specifically moved from Coligny in order to avoid any kind of racial confrontation. There had been legal arguments in court precisely over the issue of moving the trial away from Coligny to avoid any future racial confrontations in Coligny.

So why then did Julius Malema’s people travel the long distance from Johannesburg to Coligny? Is this in order to intimidate the whites? Is Julius Malema deliberately seeking to create a racial confrontation in Coligny despite everyone’s efforts to even move the trial away from Coligny?

I was told that this evening the Whites were on alert in Coligny and extra security patrols were in force.

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