6 Pics: When South Africa was White and VIBRANT! The famous hanging building in Johannesburg – Also: 911 – Central Column example

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This building still exists in Johannesburg. It was already built and looking great in the mid-1980s when I came to work in Johannesburg. Someone back then told me that the floors of this building are hanging. I did not quite know what to think of it, but its design is strange and when you look at the bottom, you’ll see the whole building is held up by a central column. (Just like those buildings of 911). In fact, in the design of this building you can see an important argument about 911. The basic point being that the entire building is held up by a central column. But with all buildings, the central column is never visible. In this one in Johannesburg the central column is open and encased in glass so you can see the central column clearly and you can see that the entire building is held up by only that central column. This is a building I’ve walked past and driven past hundreds of times. This is just one example of the great things that came from white South Africa and which is now a rat hole. Here are some photos showing the construction of this building … in the days when South Africa was white and it rocked!!

Look closely at the photos of the bottom. You’ll see the entire building is standing on a small central column structure! Keep that in mind when you’ll watching 911 videos. All you need are those central columns to hold everything up. And you can see it clearly in the design of this building. If you look at the bottom most photo, you’ll see the base is surrounded by glass. You can view the central columns easily. Maybe I must go there and take some close up photos so you can see it clearly.

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