VERY BAD NEWS: Either shut down my websites or leave South Africa: Free speech is too dangerous

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[One American lady wrote to me saying that I must get out of South Africa now while I can. Here is some (but not all) of what I wrote to her. I had to snip out very sensitive portions. Jan] Indeed, this is exactly one of my thoughts. I am already busy writing my first letter to an embassy in this regard.

I plan to blast off a number of such emails immediately today. I am EXTREMELY CONCERNED.

And, in the past, when I did Zimbabwe activism, I was then already under surveillance here. There is much that I have NOT told people. And this law could put me away like the schaefers – one time.

I’ve been spending the last hour writing to … snip …. whom I have dealt with before, telling him, that I’m concerned that this is GAME OVER for me – how can I function with a website, in a country where normal internet procedures no longer apply. e.g. If you violate an internet rule/law, you get a chance to remove your content. With this new law, that is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. With this new law, if someone has a screen shot or photo, they can still take you to court EVEN IF YOU REMOVED THE CONTENT FROM THE INTERNET!!!!

Not only that, but the you can get a jail term.

So that is part of my plan TODAY, to write to embassies and ask them if there’s any way that I can get Political Asylum.

I have had run-ins with the ruling party in SA in the past. I was spied on and threatened.

This new Jewish/Gay law that our Jewish President Ramaphosa has signed into law effectively removes ALL FREE SPEECH. One will not be able to function on the Internet or even on phone groups (e.g. telegram) any more. You’re dead meat. All it will take is one “Hate Speech” case and you’re in big trouble.

Interestingly, I came across a prior Hate Speech case where a black said that blacks should kill all the whites. The black was found guilty but all he had to do was WRITE AN APOLOGY … and that was that! Nothing more.

But now for whites, it is a huge fine, of up to $10,000 AND a 2 year jail sentence. For my meagre little website it just demolishes what little bit of progress I was making.

It is bad. I got a legal opinion from an advocate who is very familiar with this stuff … and its seriously bad news.

Either I must shut down my websites OR I must leave South Africa.

Thanks to the Jews and the Gays … that’s what this has now brought us to: ZERO FREE SPEECH.


That’s it in a nutshell. I’m going to try to get a legal opinion in writing in the weeks ahead.


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