S.Africa: Black Rule Sucks: Is Johannesburg going to have Water Rationing this year?

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[This is from a discussion I had with a British neighbour who also watches the madness of Black Rule in SA. Jan]

I wrote this to my neighbour:
several weeks ago I was driving in Blairgowrie and Linden and I saw trucks and Whites queuing everywhere for water all day long at those trucks. And I read that there’s a lot of water issues in the north. So water is coming next! (as you predicted)

He replied:
There is a six month suspension of water from Lesotho starting June. CoJ wastes 50% of their bulk supply. Relying entirely on the Vaal guarantees a crisis.

I wrote:
Wow. That’s hectic. So we’re in for some shit from June onwards. Are you expecting water rationing?

He replied:
Yes – probably in the form of reduced pressure and supply suspensions for hours on end. Unfortunately supply suspensions won’t help as it damages the infrastructure and increases losses.

I replied:
So more infrastructure is going to collapse then!!! That’s the cycle … downhill from there!

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