Jews giving Whites a BAD NAME: #WMC: The Incredible world of Jewish & anti-White Liberal Corruption in South Africa


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[While doing some research on Cyril Ramaphosa the next President of South Africa, whom the white Liberal Mass Media scum are fawning over, I uncovered some interesting websites run by non-whites who HATE Ramaphosa. Some of these are communists no doubt, but they are full of hate for a thing they call: White Monopoly Capital (#WMC). They have been setting up their own websites and spreading their own information about the massive corruption in the world of South African business.

South African business is very powerful and is dominated by Jews and Liberal whites. These Liberal whites are WHITE HATING SCUM. They never supported whites and decades ago they were already working towards the DOWNFALL of white power in South Africa. The Rupert Family are an example of “Afrikaners” who got in with the Jews and the super rich and they HATED someone like Dr Verwoerd, whose death and life we’ll be studying.

My own contact with the whites who are “upper class” and “elite” or pretending to be elite was that they are anti-white TO THE CORE – ALL OF THEM including any who are Afrikaans speaking. These filth have no time for whites and don’t care about our futures. They only care about money and themselves. These “White Liberals” are the biggest race traitors you can find. They are no different to the “White Liberals” in Europe and the USA who hate white people. These are totally Judaized rich filth. They give money to blacks only, and never give a cent or give a shit about the struggles of common white people.

Now in this world of “White Monopoly Capital” you’ll see Jews popping up all over. But the non-whites in South Africa do NOT know these “whites” are actually JEWS.

Heck, many whites don’t know these are Jews. A good example is Helen Zille of the DA. The DA = Democratic Alliance and its a 100% Jewish invention that’s existed for decades and as with anything Jewish its undergone various name changes meanwhile Jews are running it all the time.

So I’ll be posting some links to some of these #WMC websites and you can go and view for yourself the wild, incredible world of Jews, White Liberal Scum and their non-white pals ALL of whom are in on the corruption on a GRAND SCALE with amounts of monies involved that will make your eyes pop out of your head. So the “Elite” of South Africa are basically a Jewish/White Liberal/Non-white “class” of people who are all deeply incestuously involved with each other.

Now as the Elite do, they get away with one crime on top of another. They steal and move vast amounts of monies and grease each other’s palms. I think Jew-wise whites may find this world interesting.

Ramaphosa it turns out is one of the most corrupt people in this “Elite”. He and his brother have been stealing billions. What is astounding though, is how in this #WMC you’ll see BIG NAMES – big names of famous people in South Africa but also big names of the BIGGEST HOUSEHOLD COMPANY NAMES YOU CAN FIND! You’ll see how the one greases the other’s palms and how they look out for their own interests while screwing common people of all races.

Even Pravin Gordhan, an Indian who heads our IRS known as SARS has shares in stacks of companies!

This is an incestuous nest of Jews/Liberal Whites and non-whites and the entire cabal is ANTI-WHITE! They do NOT allow white “racists” to move in their circles and they also promote white faggots. This is the “Liberal Elite” as created by the Jews and anti-white white scum. This is probably what the USA and Europe will be like 100 years from now.

I will post links and also memes from them and you’ll be astounded by the big time crooked dealings that are going on with billions of Rands at a time. This is our “elite” who “believe in democracy” (not really). And you’ll see the disgusting Rupert family in there – these are white-hating globalists who hated fine men like Dr Verwoerd and who worked with our enemies to help destroy white power in South Africa.

Note: “White Monopoly Capital” – the original monopolies in South Africa in Gold and Diamonds were mainly Jewish controlled interests.

So here you have Jews appearing as “whites” to non-whites and non-whites hate them but neither the non-whites (nor most ignorant whites in South Africa), realise that these are JEWS who are in this.

Also you’ll see white garbage especially in the form of journalists who are in with #WMC. They name names of the journalists who front for #WMC. Among them you’ll find Max Du Preez. This is an Afrikaner piece of shit who abandoned Afrikaners long ago and became a communist and was running an anti-white, pro-communist mouthpiece newspaper in South West Africa (now Namibia) in the 1980s. He’s a white-hating piece of anti-white communist garbage who now masquerades as a Liberal like the Clintons in the USA do – who themselves are Marxists who are apparently “Liberals”.

But take special note of the DA = Democratic Alliance. My Jewish pals were in with it and ALL South African Jews except for the most rabid communists are in the DA. The DA is the most Jewish controlled political party in South Africa and it masquerades as a multiracial Liberal entity. The “world’s mass media” (read: Jews, etc) fawn over the DA always but that’s because the DA is merely the front for “big business” (read: Jews).

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