RACE WAR? 2017: Mass arson by Blacks across the Cape: 100 farms burned – Later a White Town burned down

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NB: Here in southern Africa, due to the communist tactics of the black leaders, just like in Zimbabwe with the farm seizures, there is a lot of malicious violence that goes on, which is never seen as WARFARE. Instead it is always excused using weak excuses. However, the blacks are engaging in a very deliberate, pre-meditated attack on various people. In the case of Mugabe’s land seizures, which were planned by the CIO and the Army, and carried out by military officers, in civilian clothing; Mugabe was able to lie to the world and say: “The blacks can’t take it any more and therefore they are taking the law into their own hands and seizing the farms”. Meanwhile the reality was that the Zimbabwe Army was even using its vehicles to bring the blacks in to attack the farms. A government operation thus appeared to be a “civilian action” and Mugabe claimed that he could not stop the people; when in fact he was the driving force behind all the events.

Most observers therefore do not see these malicious actions for what they really are: Military Tactics. I think there is a lot of politics involved in these fires. Even children can be used to engage in these things. In Rhodesia, children were used to be spies for the terrorists (mujibas). In Angola, in the 1980s, children as young as 14 were sent into combat by the communists. Using children for crime, or in warfare is nothing new to Africa. The scale of the damage is clearly evident, but nobody sees these things as having a possible political origin.

Early in 2017, there was a massive wave of arson in the Cape. It included farms being burned down. It happened in a very short period of time. There were even voice recordings of people on the ground or who had been in helicopters racing to the scene who described seeing blacks deliberately setting fire to farms. Houses were also burned down. It happened on a massive scale, much of it within a single day I think.

Here is a news article which itself asks why is the Cape burning? :
Even more impressive is if you see a map of the wide area which was set alight on a single day. It is as if someone was conducting a massive campaign across a huge front all on the same day.

Then in June 2017, the town of Knysna, which has an almost completely white population experienced an incredibly devastating fire. I think 40% of the houses were burned down. Even the forensic investigator said that this was no accident and that it was probably arson:

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