This Sinister, Panic-crazed, Corona Virus…

[One of my readers on published this comment. BTW, comments, is on my list of things to deal with this week. I need to implement a new comments system on my websites. I will test it on one of the smaller ones first. Jan]

The reader wrote:
There is something sinister going on with the panic crazed media and governments. Huge numbers of people were affected by Swine flu including most children and no closing schools and banning public gatherings, etc. Who is going to sweep in and buy up for a song all the bankrupted and failing businesses and properties caused by this Conona panic? The Chinese themselves would not hesitate to kill a million or so of their own people if it meant they could further buy up land and means of production in the west. Also what about the plans of the Jews who are directing the media in this panic?

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