A Canadian writes … The Fight in the ruling Party of South Africa between Ramaphosa and Zuma


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[This is what a Canadian sent to me. Jan]

He wrote:-
My wife and I have been involved in the peaceful protests against the Stupid-19 jabs, mandates and the anti-freedom restrictions of the provincial and federal governments. Even, we joined the Freedom Convoy 2022 by driving eastward to Ottawa some 1800 miles. This letter is regarding a couple of South Africans who gave a speech at one protest rally we attended just on the outskirts of Regina, Saskatchewan’s provincial capital. Besides relating the facts that the changeover to the Black gov’t saw a push to the Woke Agenda being promoted by the Communists there, and now in the West, these two individuals mentioned that the East Indians were allying themselves with the newly powerful Blacks in the government. They gave the name of Gupta (you just call them Asians in South Africa ) and for Canadians to be watchful of such people being actively involved in propaganda and programs directed against the Whites there, and assuredly here too !! I can honestly tell you that every small town in this province is getting inundated with East Indians, whether turbaned or not. By the way, those Sikhs, the turbaned variety of East Indian, have proudly proclaimed that 60% of the Canadian trucking industry is owned by them !! My father worked as a civil engineer overseas, including Libya ( when a monarchy under King Idris ) and Nigeria ( after Yakubu Gowon and the end of the Biafran War ) plus in Canada and the States and other places. In his last position with BC Hydro Gas Division / BC Gas, the talk of the office was all the East Indians driving big dump trucks being stopped by the RCMP for safety inspections. The drivers were found to be individuals not matching the driver license’s IDs. Easy to see how a people can end up dominating anything when such deception is a practiced and becomes their modus operandi !!

I replied:
About the Guptas in South Africa. Don’t worry about them. They are billionaire Indians in the computer business. They come into the picture where they bank rolled President Zuma. There is a fight between 2 Blacks who were/are Presidents in South Africa. Ramaphosa is a Black Jew and is bank-rolled by the White Jews of SA. Zuma managed to get bankrolled by Indians. It’s a fight between the Black factions in the ruling Party the ANC. I don’t worry about the Guptas. I think they even fled South Africa because the Ramaphosa faction wants to jail them. So don’t worry about them.

Please tell me more about the Freedom Convoy. My understanding was that Trump-related money bankrolled that.

Your stories about the Indians are very interesting.

When I was in Canada in 2019 with Paul Fromm, I saw how the Indians own most of the hotels!!

Over here the Indians are the same. They’re much cleverer than the Blacks, and they are almost like Black Jews.

I feel sorry for you Canadians. You are going down a path we Whites in SA know well.

You’re in for a nightmare! Race is REAL and it will make you all crazy. Jews opened the doors to the racial nightmare.

The GOOD NEWS is that RACE IS REAL and the problems NEVER GO AWAY!!!

It just gets worse!!!

My advice to all Whites EVERYWHERE: STICK THE HELL TOGETHER NO MATTER WHAT! Stand your ground. You’re going to have to fight for your own freedom in your own country!! Jewry opened the door to this nightmare!


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