Video: Jewish Mind Poison: The End Times

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The most damaging idea that can take hold of any person is the terrible concept of The End Times. For much of my life I believed in this dreadful idea. I was open to Christian prophecy and all other prophecy. I wasted a large part of my life trying to prove all these things true.

The End times must surely be the most damaging idea that ever came from the Jews. It is a psychological warfare that scares and paralyzes people. It has a history of 100% failure and yet it lives on.

I discuss why white people should NEVER entertain this idea and why the future is bright and awesome once you rid yourself of this debilitating idea which rots your brain. We whites have a wonderful future if we stick together. We need nothing else except each other.

Here’s the link to Religious Tolerance where they quote 46 failed end times prophecies:

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