S.Africa: Extreme White Fear: Will Van Rensburg’s prophecy come true on 12th December 2018? – Psyops? – My Analysis


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One of my Afrikaans supporters, Ronel, has sent me a copy of a message doing the rounds in Afrikaans. I’ll put the original at the bottom of this article. I have translated it quickly using an online translator. Then you will get an idea of what is doing the rounds and where it comes from.

Ronel was sending me this as a result of an article I posted on 18th November which was warning of an attack in 2 weeks time – which would mean it is due any day now! Here is the article: EXTREME White Fear in South Africa of Black Mass attack within 2 weeks! – Contact Trump!

NB: The term “GSL” merely refers to a group called: “God Se Laer”. I don’t know what the word “laer” means. But “God se” is: “God’s” – something belonging to God. So I’m not sure if it is “God’s follower” or “God’s messenger” or something like that. I was able to track this group down to Facebook. They have a closed group at this URL of 2,100 people: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Godselaer/ They seem to be a Christian prepper group and they too are looking at the prophecies of Siener Van Rensburg. You’ll see him mentioned below.

NB: I am numbering the sentences below so I can refer to them.

This message is from a lady called Trudie Potgieter. This is a transcript of a voice note that is doing the rounds among Afrikaans people:-

Good day folks, I feel I need to bring something to you. I do not want to link a date to anything, but there’s too much about that date. Listen to all these elements that can not be coincidental.

? At the end of August I received information that the CIA and intelligence in America give them a maximum of 4 months before anarchy breaks out. It will expire on December 2018. (1)

? One of GSL provincial leaders’ 4-year-olds, in September 2018, only began to speak of war coming sooner than we think, something that their parents do not discuss for the children. He told us how to attack our homes. He also told his mother he saw a 12. When his mother asked him what the 12 meant he said, he did not know, he just saw it in his head. We hereby place the voice messages. (2)

? A few weeks ago, someone sent me a voice message telling him about his worker who worked for him for many years. He has never gone home. He asked he would return to his hometown of Cameroon before December. (3)

? Someone calls me yesterday, and he calls him talking to black informants, helping them get hold of criminals. Some of the informants spoke to him individually and the one did not know the others. They all spoke about December 12, 2018. One of the informants warned him, saying he should be out of Pta by December 12, 2018, there is trouble. (4)

? Someone came and told him he just wanted to say he was sorry for what’s going to happen, then he asked him what would happen, when he said he could not say anything but sadly it would happen . (5)

? With all the information, one of our provincial leaders went looking for a little bit on the date of December 12, 2018 with sentences that do not make sense and that at Eskom workers. They seem to speak in code words. We are also attaching the “screenshots” to this. Is this coincidence or not? (6)

Get your people right away, you have to move out to a caravan park outside the villages, do it. It is now school holidays and uncle Siener (the prophet) has spoken of the cars on the bumps, trains that come to a halt. This can only happen with a power failure. As the Eskom workers place these secret messages, it indicates power to be sabotaged. There was an unconfirmed report from the SAPS (South African Police Service) who warned that power would be sabotaged. And that our people must be prepared for it. (7)

I just feel I can not keep quiet, (in case) something happens, it will be my conscience and your blood on my hands. If nothing happens, we must stay ready.

Trudie Potgieter
God Se Laer
for the voice notes pls send me an email address to fwd

My supporter, Ronel could only send me the text via my website so I don’t have the screen shots she’s talking about. But that doesn’t matter.

(1) To me the most important sentence is the first one that speaks about the CIA and “Intelligence in America” which predicts that there will be “anarchy” in South Africa by the latest date of the end of December 2018!  I’ve been picking up similar thoughts being echoed by others, but I’m not sure who claims to be the original source? How do they know that the CIA and American Intelligence are predicting this anarchy? Who has access to the CIA? Who claims to have access/knowledge of American Intelligence?

So it seems to me that somebody, somewhere is pushing out this claim that the CIA and US Intelligence believe “anarchy” is coming. It would be nice to see the source material. Who is the source for this info? If we could get this info, then we could analyse it. Otherwise, this just seems to be nothing more than hearsay.

So where did Trudie get this info from? Who told it to her? How did that person get it? These are the questions I would like to ask. WHAT IS THE ORIGINAL SOURCE? IS IT WRITTEN DOWN? (I suspect not). In which case, who claims to be the originator of this info? Do we know? Or don’t we know? Is this a RUMOUR that someone is spreading? If it’s a rumour then this raises other questions.

So the most important piece of info, which is right at the top is also the info that we need to get to the root of. Is this information published anywhere? That would be the most logical way to find it but I suspect it is not. This makes me wonder if someone is starting rumours.

(2) This one is really weird. This is almost like supernatural stuff. The claim is that one of the GSL group’s 4 year olds suddenly began talking and began talking of the future! So the child is some kind of “prophet”. I can’t take this claim seriously.

(3) This message claims that a black worker from the Cameroon has never gone home to his country before and very suddenly, suspiciously, he is now asking to go home on leave. The insinuation is that the black worker is leaving because he secretly knows that something big and nasty is going to happen, and he wants to be safe far away. It also refers to Cameroon as the “hometown” of the black, when in fact Cameroon is a country.  Here in South Africa I’ve never come across a black from the Cameroon working here. So I think this is nonsense. This is a strange country to name.

(4) In this message the person says that someone they know spoke to blacks yesterday and they claim that something big is going to go down in Pretoria on the 12th of December. Of all the messages so far, this is the most believable. In the original afrikaans, it is clear that this relates to someone involved in catching criminals who says that this is what criminals are saying.

(5) Is a similar one. Somebody coming with apparent foreknowledge of the future and “apologising to the white person” for a terrible thing that is going to happen.

(6) This one is a bit hard to understand, even in Afrikaans. But basically someone in the GSL group did some research about this date and believes it relates to Eskom – our electricity supplier. He also has screen shots because he believes he sees evidence that Eskom staff are “speaking in codes” as if they are working in unison to switch off the electricity. I think the notion that Eskom’s staff are somehow involved in a secret plan, does stretch the imagination. These people are clowns, and I find it hard to believe that anyone could entrust them with a secret like this long beforehand.

So the bottom line is that in this GSL group, that they think the above coincidences indicate that a prophecy is going to come true and bad things are about to happen on the 12th of December. So the fear is that on 12th December all the power will be cut off. The notion of power outages and black attacks, etc is something I’ve come across before.

I don’t take any of the above seriously. What I am curious about though is (1). Where does this come from? I have a feeling this has spread far and wide. This might even be the main message driving the panic and others are following from that.

It would be interesting if any of my supporters can speak to the GSL group at the link above and see if any evidence for (1) comes forward?

So as you can see prophecies are pouring in. The original article I posted on 18th November says we’ll be hit in 2 weeks time. This one here says the due date is 12th December. But THE REALLY BIG ONE that others are talking about is 21st January 2019. So this is the kind of stuff that is doing the rounds and scaring people.

But what I’m interested in is tracking this stuff back to its sources. Is this stuff all just coming out of these white christians, or is someone more malicious or greedy driving this? That is what I wish I knew. But that CIA and US Intelligence sentence interests me. I’ve heard people mention this before. I will see if I can get someone to tell me the source for this. Jan.

Below is the original afrikaans message that Ronel kindly sent me:-

The source of the info is coming from trudie potgieter

Goeie dag volksgenote,  Ek voel ek moet iets onder julle aandag bring. Ek wil nie graag ‘n datum aan iets koppel nie, maar daar is nou te veel wat rondom die datum afspeel. Luister gerus na al hierdie elemente wat nie toeval kan wees nie.

?Ek het einde Augustus inligting bekom dat die CIA en intelligensie in Amerika se hulle gee SA ‘n maksimum van 4 maande voor anargie uitbreek. Dit werk uit op Desember 2018.

?Een van GSL provinsiale leiers se seuntjie van 4 jaar het in September 2018 net skielik begin praat van oorlog wat baie gouer kom as wat ons dink, iets waaroor sy ouers nie voor die kinders bespreek nie. Hy het vertel hoe hulle ons huise gaan aanval. Hy het ook vir sy ma gese hy sien ‘n 12. Toe sy ma hom vra wat beteken die 12 toe se hy, hy weet nie, hy sien dit net in sy kop. Ons plaas hierby die stemboodskappe.

?’n Paar weke terug het iemand my n stemboodskap gestuur waar hy vertel van sy werker wat baie jare vir hom werk. Hy het nog nooit huis toe gegaan nie. Hy het gevra hy wil voor Desember teruggaan na sy tuisdorp Cameroon.

?Iemand skakel my gister en met dit noem hy dat hy met swart informante gepraat het, wat hulle help om kremenele vas te trek. Van die informante het afsonderlik met hom gepraat en die een het nie van die ander geweet nie. Hulle het almal gepraat van 12 Desember 2018. Een van die informante het vir hom gewaarsku en gesê hy moet asb uit Pta wees teen die 12de Desember 2018, daar kom moeilikheid.

?’n Ander het gekom en vir hom gesê hy wil net se hy is jammer oor dit wat gaan gebeur, toe vra hy vir hom wat gaan gebeur, toe sê hy, hy kan ongelukkig niks sê nie maar is baie jammer oor wat gaan gebeur.

?Met al die inligting het een van ons provinsiale leiers bietjie gaan soek en afgekom op die datum van 12 Desember 2018 met sinne wat nie sin maak nie en dit by Eskom werkers. Dit lyk asof hulle in kode woorde praat. Ons heg  ook hierby die “screenshots” aan. Is hierdie toeval of nie?  

Kry julle mense reg en al moet julle uitbeweeg na ‘n karavaanpark buite die dorpe, doen dit. Dit is nou skoolvakansie en oom Siener het gepraat van die karre wat op die bulte staan, treine wat tot stilstand kom. Dit kan alleenlik gebeur met ‘n kragonderbreking. Aangesien die Eskom werkers hierdie geheime boodkappe plaas, dui dit op krag wat gesaboteer gaan word. Daar was ‘n onbevestigde berig van die SAPS wat gewaarsku het dat daar krag gesaboteer gaan word. En dat ons mense voorbereid moet wees daarvoor.

Ek voel net ek kan nie stilbly nie, gebeur daar iets, sal dit op my gewete wees en julle bloed op my hande. Gebeur daar nie iets nie, moet ons paraat bly.

Trudie Potgieter
God Se Laer
for the voice notes pls send me an email address to fwd

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