In addition to Vitamin D, Vitamin C is crucial in Corona Virus – Children & Corona

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Of course, Corona virus is really only a threat to people who are older, but just so that everyone has a bit of info. I have some below.

NB: I also found on some charts that no child under 10 has ever died from this. So as stated before, this is a threat to the very old and frail and sickly, but the younger you get the less of a threat this is. And of course, this is overblown, but for the record here is what I do know so far:

In reply to a reader who thanked me for info on the Corona virus, I sent this note:

Thank you. I have since discovered that Vitamin C is a crucial item that doctors use in dealing with Corona. So I would suggest getting serious Vitamin C input as well – probably tablets. I will do a bit more digging on this myself.

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