Communist (Black Crypto-Jew?) Ramaphosa about to DESTROY South African Private Healthcare

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[We have shades of communist Obamacare now coming to ruin South Africa’s private Health care. The ANC have meddled terribly in our medical system over the years. At one time they drove large numbers of chemists out of business with their legislation. This has been doing the rounds among us. Jan]

Possibly the biggest threat to life in South Africa is facing us in the form of the NHI (National Health Insurance). Under this bill:
–         Medical Aids will be illegal
–         You will have to make use of the public healthcare system
–         Payroll taxes will go up
–         Healthcare will only be purchased by the government (via the NHI) and private healthcare will not be allowed
–         The result will be a complete collapse of the private healthcare system in South Africa
–         In effect the government will “steal” medical aid from those making use of this service

If there is one email you have to pay attention to, it is this email. Please spread this to every private medical aid patient in South Africa. This has to be stopped. Make your voice known here :

We have to create awareness of the seriousness of the issue – it is extremely concerning and we need all those currently receiving private medical care to contemplate what things will look like by 2026b – you will be standing in line at a public hospital.

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