2005: S.Africa: BLACKS FEAR WHITES: Amazing!! War Museum Curator Arrested for Stockpiling weapons!!! – TANKS were seized!


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[Here's a blast from the past from my old AfricanCrisis archives. This really happened. The Black government was so worried that Whites might get weapons that they went to military museums and they went to every weapon, regardless of how old it was, and they disabled them so that Whites could not take old weapons and use them for war! I'm serious. They even arrested the curator of a military museum. They even grabbed old military tanks! Jan] [This is too bloody ridiculous for words!!! Its their job to stockpile weapons… Now look at the ridiculous title this story had on News24.com:
“Enough weapons to raze Soweto”. Huh? What kind of insinuation is this? That the curator of the war museum in Johannesburg was stockpiling weapons to kill all the blacks in Soweto? Is that it? What a load of rubbish… It all defies description.

As a friend of mine said… This is not being done for no reason. You know what I think? Look at Sir Mark Thatcher… who has been run out of South Africa for “unwittingly helping”… He really did not know what was going on… but he’s being blamed for the supposed coup in Equatorial Guinea…

Let me suggest what is really happening: Methinks, our Black Government is looking for “Evidence” of whites preparing for war… there is none… but they’re creating trumped up… junk evidence… Going after Mark Thatcher… going after the Boeremag… and now… the hight of ridiculousness… the curators of the War Museum… Then… they can use their ridiculous, trumped up evidence… of a “White uprising…” to go after us in other ways… take away weapons… hammer us more…

But its good… Let the blacks continue accusing us of crimes we did not commit. One day… they will go too far… and push Whites over the edge. I hope that one day, we fat, lazy Whites, will reach deep into our souls, and find the strength that our forefathers had… and then we will show these blacks a thing or two about kicking us around… even if they outnumber us. Jan]

“Enough weapons to raze Soweto”

Date: 14/01/2005 13:31 – (SA)

Pretoria – The director and two curators of the SA National Museum of Military History were arrested on Thursday night for stockpiling working weapons and military vehicles, the museum said.

The museum’s acting director, Sandy Mckenzie, said that museum director Major John Keen and a male curator were taken to Kameeldrift police station in Pretoria while a female curator was being kept at a Johannesburg police station. All three were expected to appear in court on Friday.

“Police and the SANDF have accused us of stockpiling weapons as if we were preparing for a war,” said Mckenzie.

“It is our function as a museum to collect and preserve such artefacts in working order. Are we then also guilty of stockpiling medals, flags, badges and uniforms?” she asked.

Military intelligence and police raided the museum in Saxonwold, Johannesburg, after receiving information that “war-capable weapons and vehicles” were being stored on the premises.

The operation’s spokesperson Fani Molapo said according to military records the vehicles, which were exhibited inside the museum, had been destroyed.

Police said over 1 000 illegal firearms would be confiscated. Six tanks were also removed.

Mckenzie said Arts and Culture Minister Pallo Jordan, and departmental director-general, Itumeleng Mosala, arrived at the museum – which falls under the department – after hearing of the raid.

‘Enough weapons to raze Soweto’

“The department has been incredibly supportive of us during this entire incident,” Mckenzie said.

“The director-general and their attorney Mr Witter were up past midnight last night trying to arrange bail for the three,” she said.

The R20 000 bail a person would be paid by the department.

“We were told by military intelligence that there was military equipment that was not supposed to have been at the museum because it was in working condition,” Mosala said on Thursday night.

Mosala said on arrival at the museum, police and SANDF members took them to rooms where they demonstrated the weapons and vehicles to be in working condition.

“According to those guys, the number of weapons being kept there could raze Soweto within two minutes,” he said.

After demonstrating the weapons to the minister and director-general, the police arrested the director and two curators.

Mckenzie said Keen was at Pretoria Eye Hospital undergoing surgery after his retina had completely detached.

Keen had undergone surgery on his retina on Wednesday and was prescribed bed rest.

“Upon hearing of the drama at the museum, he went there and was also arrested. After his arrest, he was taken to the hospital under armed guard.”

Source: News24.com
URL: http://www.news24.com/News24/South_Africa/New

Source: http://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=104580

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