Video & Audio: What the White Political Killers proved: The original White Wolf: Barend Strydom

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This is an extremely important video, with tons of discussions centering mainly around White South Africans and their struggle for political freedom as expressed by the common people who formed the great military/political organisation in South Africa’s history, the AWB run by Eugene Terreblanche.

This discussion centers around the failures of the white right across the world since WW2. Why did whites lose everywhere? From Europe, Africa, America and in the rest of the West?

We discuss Jewish subversion and the many actions that have been taken by the white governments of the West to DESTROY and trip up whites who have genuine political desires which fly in the face of Diversity and Jewish controlled Liberalism.

This is where Robert Bowers, Brendon Tarrant, Dylann Roof, Anders Breivik and others come in as the White Wolves who did political killings in the age of the Internet.

However, many years before the Internet, there was a white lone wolf, and he carried out, to my knowledge, the first racially motivated political killings in the Western world. He therefore is the original white wolf. He is 2 years younger than me.

While compiling this show, I discovered that in 2010, an 18 year old white, named Johan Nel, went and killed 4 blacks and injured several others in a black township. He is in jail. Nobody mentions him and I never even knew he existed.

Thus the question arises: How many white males have engaged in politically and racially motivated killings in the Western world? There may be more, and to my knowledge NOBODY has compiled a full list of all the white wolves.

But, the original, and first White wolf, to my knowledge is Barend Strydom, a Boer and a Christian. He was ahead of his time.

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