Witbank, a small town has black killers – How Whites in South Africa feel.


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I discuss Whites who are out of their depth and helpless when they realise with horror the truth about Liberalism and Capitalism. I also talk about how Whites are caught up in fake problems that are the result of having so many moral factors that they need to take into account. Even here in South Africa we have helpless urban Whites who get flustered over nothing.

A lady sent me and others an email:

On Wed, Oct 2, 2019 at 1:34 PM Nancy wrote:

It is a town I once lived in…Nancy

I replied:

Thanks Nancy. Yes, south africa continues downwards, and the whites here are extremely despondent. I’m not despondent but they are.

Everyone is feeling very defeated and overwhelmed. But I’m convinced survival and fightback is always possible.

The good news is that I see the youth are much more open minded. They LISTEN. The old instead just turn to the King James version of the bible and they wait to die and go to heaven.

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