S.Africa: 5 Black ministers get houses worth $2 million – Furniture for $136,000


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[When you’re a black Govt Minister, life is good. You can get all kinds of free stuff. You can give free shit to yourself and your buddies! If you had to compare the salaries of the blacks in Govt today with the salaries of the whites in Govt in Apartheid, you’d fall on your back! The whites got very little money back then despite SA being extremely wealthy. The blacks get many times the salaries that whites used to get. The blacks vote all kinds of stuff for themselves, including giving back-handers to their buddies and wives and mistresses. Life is good. The blacks are rolling in the money I tell you. They won’t give a cent to other blacks. And they’ll always remember to blame the whites for being responsible for oppression, etc. Its all a sick joke – no different to Zimbabwe or any other one of the several dozen countries blacks took over in Africa.

To get the US Dollar value, just take the Rand value and divide by 15 – that’s more or less the current exchange rate. Then you’ll see how good life is for these opulent pieces of shit. You’ll see one minister got a house for $600,000. My 3 bedroomed house here in Johannesburg is valued at about 1/10th of the price of that Govt Minister’s house! Jan]



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