S.Africa: The Genocide of the Whites continues apace.

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[This is doing the rounds among some of my American friends. Jan]

The Jew’s genocide of the white race continues apace.

Remember when the word “apartheid” was shrieked by the media day after day, month after month, year after year, until Negroes were finally allowed to take over the various, formerly white ruled, African colonies? Remember how dangerous it was for the Negro living under the apartheid system and how oppressed Negros were under that evil, white system? Well the white, African Apartheid state was never as dangerous, never as murderous, never as oppressive, and certainly never as primitive as the despotic Negro rule that dominates that continent today. Now this and not a peep anywhere out of the media. Today, Israel is the only legalized apartheid state on the planet and no one says a word.

For letting Jews take over our world, we will most certainly get what we deserve.


– Arch


For the last 25 years, something has been happening in South Africa. Something that is forbidden by the liberal elite world establishment to even fleetingly mention. And so the world has been ignoring this forbidden subject. Many, also in South Africa, have chosen to look the other way. But looking the other way does not make the truth disappear.

And here is the truth, bluntly put:

The white community in South Africa is being subjected to a slow and unfolding genocide through racially motivated hate crime, discrimination on the basis of skin colour, double standards, hate mongering against whites by black politicians and escalating economic exclusion.

See the faces and names of our people taken in September 2019 ALONE! (only the ones that we know of and could see in media and Facebook reports. There might well be more).

  • Gert Pretorius from Vryheid in KZN – Shot to death and his bakkie hijacked after he was lured to a distant location by a gang pretending to be a customer for his aluminum business.
  • Galoopy van Staden from Meyerton, Gauteng – Shot and killed by a hijacker, possibly also by someone pretending to be a customer as Galoopy was also a businessman.
  • Shaun Krull – A farmer shot and killed on his farm in the Eastern Cape.
  • Miemie Frost (72) – An elderly lady farming alone on her farm in Bethlehem, Free State. Her body was found dumped in the local graveyard.
  • Tiaan from the Western Cape – His surname is unknown but his body was found in a park with knife wounds.
  • Wynand Labuschagne (27) – Shot to death by house robbers in his flat in Brentwood Park, Kempton Park.
  • John Barnard (83) from Gouritsmond, Southern Cape – Found murdered in his home. He was a retired dominee ( church minister).
  • Peter Henson (80) – Found murdered in his home in Sedgefield in the Western Cape.
  • Karen Turner (31) – Stabbed together with her husband Matthew whilst the couple was sleeping in a guest lodge in the Hluleka game reserve in the Eastern Cape. She was 3 months pregnant and her 23 month old son Hayden was also with their parents in the room. Matthew barely survived the stabbing.
  • Florence Jennifer Dilworth (55) from Durban – Stabbed and brutally beaten after she unknowingly got into what she thought was a taxi. It was in fact a hijacked vehicle. She wanted to go to church. Her body was found on the side of the road.
  • Barbra Joubert – Found naked and severely beaten near the Daspoort tunnel in Pretoria. She died in hospital shortly after.
  • Ryno Eagar from Witbank – Stabbed to death with a knife.
  • Christiaan Peens from Klerksdorp – Run over by a taxi. His body was only found 3 months later close to the accident scene.
  • Gary Goslin (56) – He was found murdered in his home in Elandia, Klerksdorp. His house had good security with high walls and security cameras.
  • Jeanette van Wyk (83) from Schweizer Reneke – She died from a heart attack induced by severe fright after intruders entered her flat in the frail care of the local old age home.
  • Delores Ireland (77) – Found bound and strangled in her home on the Bluff in Durban.
  • Frik Roodt (66) – Shot dead during a house robbery in his home in Empangeni, KZN.
  • Rina Groenewald (69) – Her naked body was found in her granny flat in Henley-on-Klip in Gauteng on 2 September. She was strangled.
  • Unknown farmer from Kameeldrift Pretoria – It was widely reported in the media that a farmer was shot and killed whilst fixing his fence on Friday 27 September. His name has not been released yet. Relatives and friends are requested to share his name with us.

South Africa Today – South Africa News


What most Americans don’t know is this very same thing is happening ever so quietly all across their nation.



At some point in your life you have heard a white person make this ridiculous statement about a black person or perhaps even spouted it yourself before becoming race conscious. Or you have heard other whites say something like, “But they’re not all like that!” Or, “We are only one race, the human race.”

To steal a line from the late great Dr. William Pierce, foolish whites always espouse this and then look at you triumphantly as if they have just said something really profound, as if we are supposed to fall to our knees in amazement at the deep, meaningful garbage that just fell out of their mouth. You could train a lion or a tiger not to rip your face off. Does that mean all lions and tigers won’t rip your face off? Yes, there are “good ones” in every group. There are Jews who protest against the horrific treatment of Palestinians by Israel. There are blacks who don’t rob, rape and murder. A man that saved one of the Rotherham victims from grooming gangs in Britain was a Muslim.

However, the real problem with these co-exist hippies is that they have never had the more important thought, the one that should immediately come after, “I know a good one,” and that thought is, SO WHAT?

The next time one of your unenlightened white family members or friends claims they “know a good one,” ask them if that “good one” makes the atrocities white people have had to suffer for decades worth it? – Shield Maiden @Renegade Tribune

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