Attention: All people who offered to Donate recently


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This is a note to the few people who offered to donate recently. I replied to each and every one of you TWICE.

Some people did come back to me so I know you got my email.

However, I emailed one person 3 times and then he responded by saying that my replies never reached him.

SO PLEASE: If you left me a message to donate on my website, and you have NOT received an email from me, then please go to the Contact us or Donation page and leave a message for me. I will get it and I will again communicate with you.

ALSO Check your SPAM folder.

It seems as if most of my messages are ending up in people’s SPAM FOLDERS. This includes my newsletters and alerts – but even private emails.


I very much want to thank those folks who offered to donate. I will be publishing some details about donations I receive – without of course mentioning the sources.


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