VERY IMPORTANT: The RICHEST Afrikaans organisation in S.Africa: Afriforum & Solidarity


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Here in South Africa it is extremely rare to find white dominated or controlled organisations who have huge amounts of money.

The farmers’ unions have quite a bit of cash because even as farmers have been driven into bankruptcy or have been killed, there have been other farmers who actually grew by acquiring the land of those killed or bankrupted. So as the farmers have become fewer, the power in their hands of the fewer, has increased.

South Africa is in the midst of a very bad 7-year long drought. Even so the farmers are hanging in there.

But apart from whites who are Jew & Liberal ass-kissers and racial traitors, you won’t find anyone with money, except like I say some farming organisations who do a lot of good work to keep the white farmers alive and even physically protected.

But an organisation that stands out, head and shoulders above all others is one called: AfriForum. AfriForum has a size and a cash flow unlike anything you’ll find among whites in South Africa and it is mostly, white Afrikaans dominated.

Afriforum has its own multi-story offices in Pretoria, and it is even building an Afrikaans university in Pretoria. It does a lot of good work in the rural areas. Whites are even fixing potholes all across the rural areas which the Govt and municipalites are not fixing.

Linked closely to Afriforum is Solidarity which is a “Free Market Trade Union” as opposed to a black communist dominated Trade union. Solidarity also offers services for members. At one time I was a member of Solidarity hoping that they would help me out legally if I ran into problems when I still worked for the bank.

I just wanted to emphasise the size and power of Afriforum. It is nothing like the clown-show you know as Simon Roche, Gustav Muller and the Suidlanders or anyone else. Afriforum has serious money, serious resources and serious power – REAL POWER. It can hire top flight attorneys and do all sorts of things that is beyond the power of all other organisations started by whites.

I wanted to give you this background about Afriforum so that you know that this is something MASSIVE by our standards.

So whenever you get South African news and you see Afriforum mentioned or even Solidarity, you are looking at organisations that are in a class of their own. They are even more powerful than the biggest farming organisations.

The farming organisations, for the record, do pack quite a lot of punch and are generally dominated by Afrikaans people.

This is important background when you assess south Africa.

And please keep in mind that organisations like the Suidlanders, the AWB or any other organisations formed by common people, are nothing in comparison to the farmer organisations and then above them Solidarity and then sitting right at the very top is AfriForum. Afriforum is extremely powerful.

Never forget this pecking order, because it is critically important in understanding South Africa and what whites control and have power over.

Even the political parties that are white or loyal to white, are tiny compared to something like Afriforum. White politics in South Africa is mostly dead and anyone serious about politics is actually a Liberal, even if they are Afrikaans, and even if they privately profess some kind of racial loyalty.

This is an important sketch in POWER as it exists in the hands of whites here. This is not something that is properly conveyed to people outside the country.


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