EXPLOSION OF GAYS & PEDOS? – Are White men becoming Gay because their Wives are withholding Sex from them? – Christian Priest goes gay…


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I always thought that there were only a few gays around. I got the shock of my life when I went on to social media in order to sell a number of second hand things. As part of the process, you need to "make friends". I had not done this process for many years. So I "made friends" with younger women. Then I noticed that virtually all the younger women were either sluts or scamming you. So I decided to "make friends" with men only. This went fine for a while until White men began making sexual advances on me. I found that so creepy and bizarre. Then I realised there were signs and signals of who is gay and so I found that *LOTS* of gay men now wanted to "be my friend". I decided this was shit crazy and I preferred to have female sluts and female scam artists as "friends”. I was horrifed at how many White males were faggots. I had never experienced that in my life. And they are very open about it.

So I told two of my close friends about this experience, one of whom is a woman. Then she told me about two married White men, with families, that she knew personally who then became gays and got sexually involved with each other. They worked in the same company and met at company events and eventually had sex with each other and later their wives found out. But the root issue had to do with them and their wives becoming estranged and not having sex.

My other friend, an Afrikaans guy began telling me that he personally knows an Afrikaans priest who who also became gay and was caught doing sexual stuff with someone and was photographed.

As a result of the discussions with my two friends, it seems to me that there are White men who are married and whose wives either stop having sex with them or withhold sex from them or they become estranged in some way BUT THEY REMAIN MARRIED – because they already have children. And then the men seem to become gay.

This is now something of interest, and it sounds like a total mess. I thought I’d put this out there because it seems to me there is weird stuff happening.

Returning to social media, I was simply stunned and horrified at how many White men are openly gay. I find it horrific and I’m wondering whether feminism or other things are causing this.

Gays used to be rare and it’s very weird and creepy and totally ANTI-NATURAL.

It also seems like the step from being GAY and then going on to PAEDOPHILIA is very likely and even natural and that is BAT SHIT CRAZY.

Whites never used to be F*CKED UP like this. This is NOT our normal way. Something is extremely wrong.

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