Did you notice? – Violence & Threats of War from Russia& also from China – My Analysis

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Just a quick note. Did you see the Russian "game" where they were actually enacting a war game, for days on end, but it looked like it might be a real war against the Ukraine? They definitely and deliberately created this view. Then later suddenly backed down and said: "These were just annual manoevres and it all went well".

I have been reading that China’s been speaking about invading Taiwan, and I think even Australia has had to take seriously the notion that they might be facing a conflict with China.

It is my view that Russia and also China are testing the shitbag Biden to see if this dumb f*ck can be pushed into making concessions. I think it’s nothing more than a mindgame to see if the USA has lost its mind.

This does show that Russia and China did respect Trump at some level, which they don’t even though Biden is an anti-White, communist and bag of shit.

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