S.Africa: Farming Organisation publishes secret Govt list of 195 Farms to be seized without payment!

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Hier is ‘n paar boeke wat jy nie in gewone liberale winkels sal kry nie!

[One of my supporters found this important information which the Govt has been hiding. Below is the link to the PDF that Afriforum published.

The columns are in Afrikaans, so let me translate it for you:-
Nommer = Number
Provinsie = Province
Distrikmunisipaliteit = District Municipality
Plaasnaam = Farm Name
Plaasnommer = Farm Number.

This Afrikaans farming organisation seems to have a “spy” who gave them this list. They felt confident enough to publish this in the mainstream.

This is excellent. I hope that people will begin to make plans to resist the Govt’s communist theft of these farms. I would like to see the farms burned down or blown up if the blacks get their hands on them. Sadly, I don’t think we will see that. But I hope some form of resistance comes into being.

If these black communist pieces of shit can start by stealing 195 farms … then where does this end? Strictly speaking, Malema, who proposed this, actually wants the Govt to own ALL PROPERTY IN SA and not just farms. Therefore in theory they would seize people’s houses, businesses, etc. Its truly hideous.

ALSO DO NOT FORGET THAT LARGE NUMBERS OF PROPERTIES HAVE BEEN BOUGHT AND PAID FOR UNDER BLACK RULE!! In Zimbabwe, Mugabe even seized land that whites had bought under black rule … and the black scum seem to have the same thing in mind here in South Africa! We must resist this.

Its good that Afriforum is tripping up this land seizure. This expose is good and I hope people will begin rallying around this issue. NEVER co-operate with your ENEMY! The Govt is our ENEMY! Jan]

You can download the PDF here with the list of the farms: 20180812-Plaaslys-Media

AfriForum publishes list of farms allegedly targeted for expropriation

12 August 2018 – 13:38BY TIMESLIVE

AfriForum says the list of farms was kept confidential‚ adding that neither the ANC nor government was willing to make the list public. 

AfriForum has published a list on its website of farms that it says have apparently been identified by the government to be expropriated without compensation.

This follows the ANC’s announcement earlier in the week that the party had identified 139 farms for this purpose. AfriForum says the list of farms was kept confidential‚ however‚ and neither the ANC nor government was willing to make the list public.

“AfriForum obtained a document‚ however‚ that is being circulated in the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform as a list of farms that will serve as test cases for this purpose. The document does not contain the details of 139 farms‚ however‚ but of 190 properties.”

AfriForum appealed to the public to study and share the list so that the relevant farm owners could contact the organisation to prepare for a joint legal strategy.

Ernst Roets‚ deputy CEO of AfriForum‚ said that a preliminary investigation indicated that the list probably contained many farms that had no history of land claims and over which there currently existed no dispute between the owners and the state.

“We expect that many a land owners will be shocked to learn that their property has been identified for this purpose. This is exactly why it is so important that the list be shared and for people to contact us.”

AfriForum said the list could be viewed at www.onteiening.co.za.

Source: https://www.timeslive.co.za/politics/2018-08-12-afriforum-publishes-list-of-farms-allegedly-targeted-for-expropriation/

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