France and Russia to get more embroiled in War? – Putin’s need for new fronts

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This is a quick note. The French situation might result in France and Russia running into more stress. France’s strategic situation has allowed it to engage in a lot of activity in Africa and now the Russians, using Wagner, have tossed the French out of Niger. But Niger is important to France, not only as a former colony but as a source for Uranium for French nuclear power plants.

Wagner coming out and playing a role in the coup in Niger is going to be very interesting.

The West and France will be backing the other Blacks. But if you recall what I wrote at the start of this year, I wrote that Putin will need other fronts and that Africa is the most likely place for these wars.

So here we have a place where there was ABSOLUTE PEACE between the Blacks, but now it looks as if a war is going to start.

This will be funny and awesome. And I hope the Russians start many more wars in Africa. Africa is a playground the Russians know well.

All of this is far from South Africa so White South Africans won’t be affected. But I hope that the wars will spread. If Africa is set on fire … I’ll be very happy.


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