IMPORTANT: Remember Harry Knoesen the Christian who set out to attack & overthrow the S.African Govt in 2019?

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Institute for Historical Review
This is a pretty decent website that deals with various historical lies and crimes of the Jewish scum. It deals with the time Israel murdered Americans on the USS Liberty and also deals with the holocaust and various other Jewish deceptions and lies.

Some of you may remember that over a year ago I mentioned that there was a Christian organisation called "The Crusaders" and they were led by a preacher called Harry Knoesen. Knoesen sent out a video message, which I saw, wherein he told everybody that the time had come to attack the Govt. He criticised White Right Wing leaders.

At the time I did not believe that he was actually going to do this, but in fact it was totally true.

He and others were arrested within a short period of time. I mentioned that one of them was a woman who had been an estate agent.

These people were driven by Christian beliefs.

There are many things about this whole episode that are unknown. Newspapers published little and for most of the year I saw nothing. However, I now spotted a news report about some of these Crusaders having been found guilty. Knoesen’s trial is due to continue early in 2021.

It would be fascinating to hear the whole story, but sadly, there is almost nothing in the media, and its been this way for a year.

What I do recall, was that months before this event, people told me that the Crusaders were about 700 or so strong.

What I don’t know is how many people turned state witnesses, etc.

There is a LOT about this matter that is unknown. I wish we knew more. But it may be years before we learn more.

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