68 Farmers killed in July to September – Crime Statistics in South Africa: Still out of control and concerning – My Comments


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The latest crime figures released today by the South African Police Service (SAPS) have revealed alarming agricultural-related crime rates. The report, covering the period between July and September 2023, highlights several concerning trends in crime against farmers and agricultural communities across the country.

It has been disclosed that 68 murders on agricultural land/farms/estates/smallholdings occurred during the period from July to September 2023. These statistics align with the figures reported by TLU SA and other institutions like AfriForum. The province with the highest murder rate that took place on agricultural land/farms/estates/smallholdings is the Western Cape, with 24 cases reported. Cattle theft has decreased by 5.5%, but it still raises concerns for farmers with 6,935 cases reported during the second quarter of the 2023-2024 financial year.

It is important to remember that these figures may present a distorted picture. Many people have lost confidence in the police’s ability to solve cases and, therefore, do not report them to authorities. "The SAPS is just as much a victim as farmers when it comes to lost income due to livestock theft. The lengthy legal process that takes years and further depletes you of money and expenses, and cases that don’t even make it to the courts, make us reluctant to report anything worth less than R10,000," says Jaco Schoeman, chairman of the property rights committee at TLU SA. It would be in the SAPS’s best interest to prioritise all crimes but particularly livestock theft.

SAPS faces a capacity problem. There is a severe shortage of trained detectives. The North West has only half the number required, and this is due to the prioritisation of positions and inadequate finances. This results in the SAPS and victims spending days in court.

Bennie van Zyl, general manager of TLU SA, says, "Effective policing starts with the government, which has the responsibility to ensure that the country’s residents are served by a well-equipped and trained police force that acts with integrity towards law-abiding citizens."

High crime rates also have a profound and multi-faceted impact on a country’s economy. These can lead to reduced investments, increased costs for businesses, decreased productivity, and various other economic challenges. Addressing and reducing crime is not just a matter of public safety but also a critical component in promoting a healthy and thriving economy.

TLU SA appeals to all South Africans to join forces in the effort to combat agriculture-related crime and create a safe environment for our farming communities.

Date: 17 November 2023

Henry Geldenhuys (TLU SA, President)
083 560 1273


Gawie Lötter (TLU SA, Manager: Services)
064 707 7819

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