Important: My Analysis: Trump’s Land Seizure Tweet – Is Ramaphosa a Black Jew?

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[I’ve been spending the better part of a day reading news articles and watching news videos and posting and assessing all the issues around this Tweet from Donald Trump that has caused a massive furore.

Firstly, what Trump has done is much needed by the whites of SA who feel completely left alone in this world. This is the first time that any Western leader has said anything even mildly close to the reality of what the Whites here, especially the Boere-Afrikaners feel about the situation.

Various blacks went on the attack against Trump. The Communist shit bag, Malema called Trump “a pathological liar” and “racist”. Now that’s one of the best examples of the pot calling the kettle black I’ve ever come across. Malema himself is the perfect definition of a pathological liar and a racist. Whatever Trump’s weaknesses may be, he is far more truthful than Malema has ever been in his life.

Mandela’s grandson said that we refuse to be lectured to by America. Suddenly, out of nowhere, all these black scum are invoking “South African independence” and “Freedom” and “democracy” that has to be “respected!”

President Ramaphosa seems to me to have been very unsettled by Trump’s move. Ramaphosa himself did not reply to Trump. The Govt issued 2 tweets against what Trump said. Govt Ministers who have commented have claimed that “Trump is misinformed”. This is no surprise. They will tell Trump and the American Govt that these are LIES spread by the WHITE RIGHT of South Africa among Americans. One Govt Minister said she would meet the US Ambassador this week to “clear up matters”, in other words, to LIE about the situation.

I had totally given up on the entire Conservative setup in America, and was therefore very surprised that Tucker Carlson ran with several stories on Fox where he hit home this point on the events in South Africa. To my utter amazement, even Ann Coulter responded to a ranting black who said that land in SA belonged to blacks. She told him: The Dutch (Boers) were there first!

Another fascinating move is the CATO Institute. South Africa is a signatory to an agreement between African countries and America called AGOA. It is an “accelerated growth” agreement. One of its conditions is that the African country MUST respect Private Property Rights. CATO says that Trump should kick South Africa out of AGOA if this land seizure goes ahead.

Exactly how effective AGOA is, I’m not sure. They are talking that we might lose a few thousand jobs if we are kicked out of it. So the economic impact will not be enormous. But it will be negative for South Africa.

Trumps Tweet did have a minor, temporary effect on the Rand/Dollar exchange rate, but otherwise the Rand, after an initial euphoria over Ramaphosa, has actually been sliding downwards this year. So the Liberals ARE jittery about investing in SA.

I think as a morale booster for the whites, Trump has done something that the whites here have not experienced in decades. It is the first time a world leader has said something positive that shows an interest in our plight. I think if a handful of Western leaders dared to say similar things, it would shake the South African Govt severely.

From the perspective of the ANC, you need to understand that for them, the No 1 issue they are wrestling with is how to win the election next year in April by ANY and EVERY means. That includes lying, cheating, bribing, etc. They are communists and no communist in: Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia or South Africa has lost power in the last 44 years! Communists are HERE TO STAY and the ANC is here to stay AT ALL COSTS. Therefore, it does not matter what harm can come to this country. The key thing is the ANC must remain in power. So they will defer to any madness that buys them votes because votes are everything. They will NEVER consider losing power and making a comeback later. You do not understand the communist mind.

So they will lie to anyone they need to, including Trump and the US Govt. The State Dept itself is a dodgy organisation that never helps whites so I’m expecting nothing. I do NOT actually expect to see Trump doing anything big. I think we must take this and be happy with it. We cannot bank on more things coming. And if anything further comes, then let it be a pleasant surprise to us, but do not bank on anything firm. Even so, Trump has shaken South Africa and the Govt.

The Govt have lied continually about crime and they deny that Farm Murders are real. They claim it is a Right Wing lie. Sadly, some of the Farming organisations lack the balls to dare to counter the Govt in public. AfriForum itself has backed down in recent months in the SA media on how bad Farm murders are or whether they are real. In Public, these organisations are WEAK and PATHETIC and they never push forward when they should. They know many facts. I have spoken to the TLU many years ago and even once met someone at Afriforum. THEY KNOW STACKS WHICH THEY NEVER TELL AND NEVER ADMIT TO IN PUBLIC. They will say things up to a point, and then you’ll see them weaken and then the blacks get to win the argument by default. The blacks and (((Liberals))) are bold bullshitters and they have a more powerful presence. It may be that the big farming organisations themselves ARE DEPENDENT on this hostile (((Liberal))) media and they do not want to outrage them.

There have been some additional weird twists which I never expected.

Business Day is our equivalent of The Wall Street Journal. This is run by (((white Liberals))). It came out attacking Trump fiercely for “his crazy tweet”. They later turned it into an editorial.

Even stranger was that The London Financial Times very quickly printed a full story, that seems to be written by Ramaphosa wherein it says: “This is NOT a Land Grab”. It goes on to tell the normal lies of the blacks, but with a twist. It says that the blacks are stuck and “unable” to develop further because of this problem with Land ownership. This is pure HOGWASH at its FINEST. It goes on to give bogus reasons and bogus benefits for seizing the land without paying for it.

As usual the blacks lie by ommission, by not mentioning that they’ve already taken many of the best farms in South Africa through the Land Claims Court since 1996. They have taken thousands of farms and even mines, using this on the “willing buyer, willing seller” principle. The vast majority of these superb farms turned into total failures. They do not mention any of this.

The London Financial Times piece is pure propaganda right out of the mouth of Ramaphosa. Business Day then rushed to print it.

In about 2010-2012, before I finally kicked my “best Jewish friend” out of my life. He told me a few times that an “important black” had gone through the long and tedious conversion to Judaism. I asked him more than once: “So who is this black guy?” He refused to tell me. He just told me he was important. I was of the impression that this was very likely an ANC guy. I thought perhaps the Governor of the Central bank – as I wondered idly many times.

But I’m beginning to think, and I’m almost utterly convinced of this now, that the black who converted to Judaism is Cyril Ramaphosa. He is a firm communist, and Jews love and support all black communists and all communists in fact. But the way he was blessed by the Jewish Rabbi when he became the President really has made me wonder if this is not the real reason. In my dealings with Jews, they are serious about their stupid religion of rubbish. I had many discussions with my Jewish friend and I began to realise that there are many things these Jews will NEVER DO. They do take their garbage religion very seriously.

Here is the story and photos of Ramaphosa being blessed by a Jewish Rabbi scumbag: 2 Photos: Very Important: Jewish Rabbi blesses S.Africa’s new President Ramaphosa – Look at Ramaphosa’s face, during the blessing and afterwards. During the blessing his eyes are closed. I think Ramaphosa was blessed BECAUSE HE IS A JEW. I don’t know of any black leader in Africa, that was EVER blessed by a Rabbi like this, including Mandela himself.

I am very seriously thinking, almost 100% certain in fact, that Ramaphosa may be the black who converted to Judaism.

The weird way in which the Business Day, did a 180 degree turn in supporting Ramaphosa on an issue as critically important as land seizure without it being paid for, is too weird, even for South African Liberals. The speed with which a Jewish British publication like The London Financial Times, rushes to tell lies in support of Ramaphosa, is unprecedented. NEVER BEFORE have the rich rushed so fast to protect a black South African President.

I think we are watching Jewry in action here. This is too slick. This is very bizarre. Even the Liberal white scum, being the dog shit that they are, would NEVER think of allowing land to be seized without it being paid for. The Rich White Liberals are too materialistic and extremely cowardly at the same time. They would NEVER be so CALM about something unless they are on the inside in some way. They are themselves the owners of masses of land. The only reason they would support such a line is if they know things and are in on secrets that we do not know about. For example, they might all know that Ramaphosa will NOT seize the land of any JEW in South Africa. As a Jew, he would NEVER be allowed to steal from another Jew. The Jews would know this and therefore since they don’t have a problem with STEALING FROM NON-JEWS, they would support him since they know that THEY ARE SAFE. That he is one of them.

I did a video a long time ago about how that Coloured “comedian” from South Africa, Trevor Noah, is also Jewish or partly Jewish. You can view it here: Video: Black Jews: Is Trevor Noah Jewish? –

I know of very rich white Farmers who did business with Ramaphosa. They later were of the view that he is very sneaky and NOT to be trusted at all. That sounds like very Jewish behaviour. 

I know quite a lot of things about Trevor Noah that most whites do not know. And in my view he is either Jewish or partly Jewish. But with Ramaphosa, I will go one step further and tell you: Ramaphosa IS A BLACK JEW, a black who CONVERTED TO JUDAISM. Ramaphosa has massive holdings in South Africa and is a billionaire and he’s involved in BIG MONEY and BIG FINANCE and he’s a firm communist. I’m convinced this is the black who converted to Judaism. I will keep watching him. He’s a dangerous piece of shit. We whites must watch him closely.

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