Young Hitler dived into a river and saved a Woman’s life

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I was going through the memoirs of one of Hitler’s longest serving secretaries, when I came across mention of something I’ve NEVER heard ANYONE mention ever. I need to look more closely at it.

According to his secretary Christa, when Hitler was young, he was a good swimmer, and his friend’s Mother fell into a river and was drowning. Hitler dived in and saved her life.

I have NEVER heard this story ever before. I will look more closely into this.

I’ve seen that Jews must be at work, claiming that Hitler fell in a river when he was 4 and he was saved by a Priest. But they have NO PROOF that it was actually Hitler … they SPECULATE that it "might have been Hitler". This sounds like a bunch of Jewish crap.

But the story from his longest serving secretary is fascinating.

She tells many stories about him that are unlike anything I’ve come across before. I think I need to make an audio book out of hers soon. It is truly fascinating.

She dispels many myths about Hitler. She even describes Hitler and Eva Braun and how they behaved in front of people.

Christa also tells, on more than one occasion about how much women liked Hitler!!!

That’s another thing the Jews love to hit him on. They talk so much shit about him.

Jews keep on inventing crap about Hitler all the time. The worthless Jewish sacks of shit can’t stop lying about Hitler.

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