The Germans are INCREDIBLE! – The Macro Trend of the European race … the path we are heading to…

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[This is from an email I wrote to some people who were discussing our racial problems and someone remarked that Germans are INCREDIBLE. This is true, and Germans are massively lied about and very much misunderstood. Germans are amazing – when you finally understand them. Jan]

Germans are incredibly awesome, even now, in their conquered state, they still are probably responsible for most of the progress and success that is taking place.
The Germans are the modern Romans.

America’s founding fathers modelled America on an improved Roman Empire, but things went wrong and modern America is more like Carthage than Rome.

Napoleon and Hitler, were the truest modern models of Rome, and for both of them it worked incredibly well until the Jew-infested British destroyed them.

Germany especially, but Europe as a whole, is closer to being the Roman Empire now, than America is.

The Romans, when faced with a mighty Carthaginian Empire, which was based on trading (like modern America), and which had a tremendous infusion of Jews, like modern America, was crushed by the rising war-like, nationalistic Romans.

Those Romans went on to crush the richest empire of their time, a multicultural, fading, Egyptian Empire (originally created by Whites), in the same way that a rising Greek civilisation, a tiny civilisation, crushed the Persians who were a multicultural Empire, also originally created by Whites.

The Romans and Greeks were the proof of the power of war and nation states – a formula that everyone copies to this day.

We Whites were an extremely war like people before Christianity. In this time of intense war and competition, we never were in danger of being genocided. We never had a shortage of children.

Yet today we are fading away.

It is simply astounding that a people as successful, innovative and mentally powerful as ourselves should find ourselves fading away and being the equal of Blacks.

This is a totally ridiculous and outrageous situation.


That something is very likely JEWS.

If there is anyone on this planet with a totally bright and awesome future it should be us.

The Germans are the closest thing we have in modern times to the Romans.

We, as a race, are moving away from Christianity. This process started 500 years ago, and may take another few hundred years to complete.

We will return to our natural state, which is as a competitive, warlike, conquering people. We will have to do this, or we will die.

Napoleon and Hitler were flashes in the pan of what is to come. But others laid the groundwork for it, in particular, King Frederick the Great of Prussia.

Prussia is a state that Jews have removed totally from the map. They hate Prussia with a tremendous intensity. But Prussia is the very reason and basis for the existence of Germany today.

The Prussians were the most militaristic society of Whites in modern centuries and Napoleon and Hitler, tried to get France and Germany back to that winning state. When they based their efforts on Prussia, the results were phenomenal.

The Jewish-infused British, who themselves are a failed Carthaginian Empire, delighted in destroying Napoleon and Hitler.

But the Jewish-infused British have in the meantime collapsed. America is the new Jewish-British Empire. But it too will fade away.

The Romans and Greeks proved the power of the Nation State and the benefits of a high level of militarisation.


This is how we will save ourselves WITH EASE.

Even the tiny tribe of us here in Africa.

Even in our recent wars, we began, but never fully appreciated, the importance of militarisation.

But we began to see the benefits of that. However, unlike the Europeans, we’ve never militarised our entire society properly though the South Africans made excellent progress in this under Apartheid.

We had the most wonderful level of militarisation and then it was lost through weakness at the top and a loss of nerve and a loss of will power – among other things including interference from Britain and America.

Britain, the idiotic nation that it is, the vulture that feeds off the death of other Whites, and helps them to their destruction – Britain will still reap it’s own whirlwind.

Britain is the most anti-White Western nation on Earth – a pox on us all.

The real game is a return to our vibrant war-like, conquering past, and we won’t have any problems.

But it will take time. However, it is a PROVEN WINNER.

That we, a mighty people, should be grovelling before a bunch of (((White))) Asiatic rats who proclaim to be the direct messengers of God, is shocking.

The White Asiatic rats are the biggest bullshit artists on the planet. Their bullshit was already well known even before the time of Christ.

The Romans and Greeks used to laugh in scorn at their bold bullshit claims. The Jews at one time, had the impudence to tell the Romans and Greeks that they had invented civilization.

The Romans and Greeks with their own extensive history laughed at this race of bullshit artists trying their next trick.

Amazingly, we take this race of pathological liars seriously.

Now that is an enormous step backwards I tell you.

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