S.African Bank offering property at DISCOUNT prices! – From $27,000+

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[Here is one of the biggest banks in SA, that’s busy sending emails to people telling them that they can get property at new discount prices! Business continues … regardless… Jan]
FNB has negotiated with property developers to bring you exclusive access to discounted deals on prime developments, across South Africa. Whether you are looking for a new residential or holiday home or property to generate a passive income, these properties provide some great alternatives.

When financing these new property developments through FNB you will also receive the below benefits:

We have property developments that range in price; from R400 000 to R13 770 000. Attached you will find detailed information on developments from R800 000 – R1 700 000, if you would like us to send you the full brochure please email: :*DiscountedDevelopment@fnb.co.za.

The attached brochure includes the developer’s details, please contact developers directly should you be interested in any of the properties, alternatively please contact your banker.

Yours Sincerely,
Private Clients

*To view the full terms and conditions on the 50% back in eBucks on your first repayment benefit visit :*www.fnb.co.za.

Terms, conditions and rules apply:
This campaign is valid until 30 November 2018. This campaign is applicable to all FNB/RMB Private Bank clients that have a transactional account with the Bank. This campaign is only applicable to loan applications submitted through nav» Home by 30 November 2018, the benefits of applying through nav» Home will entitle the client with up to a (1) 50% discount on attorneys bond registration fees, (2) no transfer duties and no attorneys transfer costs, (3) preferential interest rates (This means that the applicant/s is guaranteed an internal, Bank discounted interest rate) and (4) 50% back in eBucks on your first monthly repayment. All loan applications will be assessed subject to the provisions of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 and the Bank’s credit approval criteria and the Bank’s lending policies and practices as amended from time to time. FirstRand Bank Limited’s involvement in this campaign is to provide qualifying applicants with home loans. This is not a guarantee of any nature. This campaign is only applicable to the recipient and is not transferable. This campaign is open to all FNB/RMB banked clients and not limited to clients who received this emailer.

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