WW3: Will the next World War be a “Divided World War?” – A FREE FOR ALL?

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When Black leaders do enormous things, Jews and Liberals never criticise them. The scale of what Mugabe did was incredible, but no Jew or Liberal ever screeched about it.

WW3 cannot just happen, without various energies at work pushing it. I find myself pondering what is coming in 10-20 or 50 years time, and the more I look at the world, the more I think that the actions of the US, UN, Liberals, Communists and Jews has led to a situation where much of the world is broken up and parts of it are BREAKING UP MORE. Africa being one of them. It is quite possible that large numbers of small wars will eventually not be contained. It seems to me the USA and some other countries are finding it hard to contain all these outbreaks. It is also fascinating how much weaponry is floating around in small countries and small groups.

It seems that we whites in South Africa are the only ones without any proper military weapons. But that can be acquired in a time of serious angst and threat I’m sure.

It amazes me how much weaponry is floating around, not just inside Africa but outside Africa and even in Asia and other areas.

I’m quite convinced that we won’t see major powers declaring war on each other like happened to poor Germany in WW1 and WW2, or like France in Napoleon’s time. Instead, it seems to me, all sorts of anger and fury exists in small wars all over the place. I also see some nations falling apart more, thereby allowing new groups to begin gathering political support and weaponry.

It seems to me that as I’ve said before, that we are in a "Slow World War" and this thing might pick up speed. COVID might even help to provide a major impetus towards all kinds of chaos.

It is therefore possible that all sorts of flashpoints will explode into conflict as the years go by and as much as they try to contain them, the major powers will find that MINOR POWERS, will actually feed these small wars, and these wars may result in more fighting.

It also seems to me that the US war on terror has actually fueled serious problems that did not exist and that a new kind of instability, of enormous proportions has been created not only in the Middle East but Asia near it. As for Africa, its heading to ever greater meltdown.

The territories for war are so large, that I don’t think any single power can actually control the regions. Thus I ask myself whether we are heading into a situation where more and more uncontrollable wars will break out, fed by smaller powers and eventually whole regions will begin going to war, and the fighting will be spread out over such a large area, that major powers will themselves only dive in here and there to add to the chaos.

I think a FREE FOR ALL kind of world war is really possible, and not even the USA will be able to control it, and these wars will last for decades. We could be entering a century or more of new war – but NOT WAR WITH NUKES … small wars with infantry weapons, firearms, planes, some missiles or a big of artillery, and some armour. Something along those lines.

These will be wars that start off in areas where the governments are so weakened that they can’t stop the war and those countries will begin breaking apart.

The outcomes could be weird, but exciting.

I think this could work. I think with some cunning, some of us whites can make our own moves. EMBRACE THE CHAOS!!! I think there could be some weird shit coming, and I don’t see the blacks being able to control it themselves.

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