Rhodesians have the same debate as Germans: Did Ian Smith cause our downfall? Did Hitler cause Germany’s downfall?


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Since late in 2018, until now, I’ve been taking quite a lot of time to look at the history of the whites of Southern Africa, especially with regard to Portugal, Rhodesia and South Africa.

I’ve done videos and talked about this, but I have been finding, to my amazement that newer and better information is coming out.

But I find that there is a division among Rhodesians as to what was the best thing to do.

I remain quite firm in my convictions that race is real, and race played a major role in the wars here, and that the Russians, who are white, deliberately set out to destroy the British and European Empires simply by focusing on RACE. Race alone, smashed these empires.

So now we find ourselves in a Jewish/American world, where you now bow down to blacks in a most pathetic manner because you do not want to make them angry.

One has thus gone from one extreme to another.

I am busy digesting deeper stuff, in between my work on my sites, and doing thinking.

I do think however, that Hitler’s approach is the ultimate answer to everything because we need to use science and logic clearly.

I think that many Rhodesians, having had a lifetime of struggle do long for, and wish they could return "home" and thus their minds are softened by this desire to "return to Rhodesia".

But the Rhodesia they want to return to, does not exist, and will not exist again.

I am about to lay my hands on a book that is going to make arguments that are the opposite of what I believe in, but I am interested in facts and analysis and will dive into it.

However, I see similar arguments coming up as those used against Hitler where you have some Germans saying: Hitler lost the War for us, etc.

You get a similar argument that Ian Smith was a traitor or Ian Smith caused us to be destroyed.

As I study history and ponder life I must tell you, that all peoples, all nations have these questions. Many whites have similar debates. Should we have fought? Why did we lose?

One thing I do NOT BELIEVE IN, is Political Power. I regard it as a load of complete nonsense. I only believe in MILITARY POWER. If you do not have military power, then you have nothing.

I have read that people say all wars are terrible and wrong, and all deaths are a waste, however, when I look at history, from the big picture point of view, I see the opposite. I say that many wars are NOT WASTED. People did not fight and die for nothing.

This is especially true of the Germans in WW2. They fought for a REASON. The reasons why they fought and what they fought for, is most important. It is what animated them and what they believed in, that is really the most valuable thing.

It is what the Germans, Italians and other whites in the Axis fought for, that is the real story, and those values live and have a life. The fact that they were willing to DIE for something, is the really important issue. In that sense, they will live on forever.

These are topics I will return to. I have not explained them clearly.

Deeper than this, is Nietzsche and "The Value of a Man". These are important topics and he had the final say. He warned us that men would still fight and die over this issue of equality.

All of this is natural. It is nature at work.

Another issue is why do whites fight and argue about such things? Should we fight, should we not fight? These are fascinating topics.

Life is fascinating.

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