FORCED VACCINATION NONSENSE: Calls Grow For Mandatory Covid-19 Jabs For South Africans

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The debate about mandatory vaccines has reached fever pitch in efforts to contain Covid-19 cases.

Compelling scientific, ethical and legal arguments have been advanced around whether or not people should be forced to be vaccinated. Some countries have already introduced mandates which require people to produce proof of vaccination to access certain public places, writes Keymanthri Moodley for The Conversation.

The Covid-19 vaccine roll-out and uptake has been disappointingly slow in South Africa, with only 42% of adults vaccinated thus far. The reasons for these poor rates are many and complex. At the start of the year, the roll-out was hampered by limited vaccine supply, and South Africans were made to wait for months for vaccines as wealthier nations controlled access, writes John Joska, Stephan Rabie and Goodman Sibeko for Daily Maverick.

Like with the detection of the Covid-19 Delta variant – and the latest detection by South Africa of the Covid-19 Omicron variant – the country joins several other African countries on the Red List of countries barred from travel in Europe, the Middle East. Some African countries have also barred South Africa.


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