WW2: Hitler’s amazing rationing system – Fuel Rationing in Rhodesia

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I do some reading every day, and to my amazement in a book I was reading, an American journalist who went to Germany in WW2, was describing the incredible rationing system the Germans were using. It was very complex actually.

The only time in my life when I’ve seen rationing at work, was in Rhodesia when we had fuel rationing. In South Africa, people have never had to experience rationing. South Africa is actually insanely wealthy. Never at any time did South Africans experience rationing.

But we had fuel rationing in Rhodesia on and off. There were times when we went without fuel rationing.

Rationing is very important for survival because economics does NOT work the way you think.

What amazed and astounded me was the amazing scale and complexity of German rationing. The Germans suffered from LOTS of shortages of all kinds, and the state was able to command and use limited resources to extreme levels.

Now the Blacks of southern Africa were propagandized to believe in communism. And the Blacks actually WANT SOCIALISM – that is their name for communism. But Black socialism has been a HUGE FAILURE every time they tried it.

I have spoken to people who lived under communism in Europe, and they explained to me how things were there. Because they too had to live with many shortages.

My interest is in WHITE SURVIVAL and White Socialism, in a manner that can work for Whites.

The Germans are unquestionably the most amazing when it comes to the excellent use of minimal resources. Even the German Wehrmacht had massive limitations that people ignore and don’t realize.

To actually keep Germany running during WW2 was actually an insanely awesome effort that required levels of organization and flexibility that people really don’t appreciate.

But I must tell you, German organization and discipline during WW2 is just insane. Just incredible.

I will be looking for any more information on rationing, mainly in Germany, BUT ALSO AS USED BY WHITES ELSEWHERE.

For our survival we need to look at alternatives to Globalism which Jews control, because when Whites want to be FREE you’ll find all the doors are shut.

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