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[One of my readers posted this note below. I am aware that the Jews are behind the hideous TOTAL SHUT DOWN OF FREE SPEECH IN SOUTH AFRICA. 

My reader sent the following comment. So I'm sure you can find where Andrew and Dr Hammond spoke and where the audio can be got for this. 
I will repost the interview I did with Dr Peter Hammond quite a while back on this topic. 
The SAJBD is the South African Jewish Board of Deputies is the highest Jewish organisation in the land. They also act like the despicable ADL (Anti Defamation League) in the USA. They prosecuted Snowy Smith and also a Coloured Muslim woman because she spoke about Israel. 
I will find and repost the interview I did with Dr Hammond regarding this some time back. 
So there you have it: GAYS, JEWS and the SAJBD are the ones who want YOU TO HAVE NO FREE SPEECH IN SOUTH AFRICA.
We will also have to visit the critically important TOP JEWISH SECRET OF SOUTH AFRICA – that our President Ramaphosa is JEWISH!!! Yes, the world's first BLACK JEWISH PRESIDENT. According to my Jewish friend Ramaphosa converted to Judaism about 10 years ago. This is TOP SECRET FOR THE NON-JEWS … but the JEWS KNOW! 
Ramaphosa, rolling in the BILLIONS OF RANDS, and MORE CORRUPT THAN ZUMA … is the ONLY BLACK FROM THE ANC TO CONVERT TO JUDAISM. HE IS PERSONAL FRIENDS WITH THE CHIEF RABBI OF SOUTH AFRICA. He has been involved in Jewish charities for many years. 
So the “White Jews” have a “Black” Jewish infiltrator in the middle of the ANC AND HE IS OUR PRESIDENT. He was accorded many Jewish privileges. The “white Jews” are behind Ramaphosa. That is why Ramaphosa, is softening the ANC with regard to Israel. 
JEWS ARE RACISTS: Normal black and white people CANNOT CONVERT TO JUDAISM. Jews will decide if they want you and the process takes YEARS. You have to be checked by the Rabbis, and you must pass through processes, tests, etc. Ramaphosa therefore must surely also have been CIRCUMCISED. Ramaphosa, MOST CORRUPT THAN ZUMA EVER WAS, BUT BACKED UP BY THE WHITE SCUMBAGS IN THE LIBERAL MEDIA IS LEFT OFF THE HOOK. 
The Liberal scumbag media ONLY attack Zuma. Why? Because Zuma was being funded by the Indians whereas Ramaphosa, like Mbeki before him (who knifed Zuma unfairly), was in the pocket of the Jews. 
Mbeki and Ramaphosa …. loved by the #WMC WHITE MONOPOLY CAPITAL JEWS OF SOUTH AFRICA!!! 
Why did Mbeki get his own column in the scum bag Liberal “white” newsapers? 
Why did Ramaphosa get a chance to write his own lies in the London Financial Times? 
Mbeki at least did not convert to Judaism. But the BILLIONAIRE Ramaphosa CONVERTED TO JUDAISM! And now he is pushing the ANC away from their traditional pro-Palestinian stand! 
Ramaphosa is a womanizer. Ramaphosa has been cheating on many women. So why not ask the ladies WHETHER RAMAPHOSA IS CIRCUMCISED? Jan]

The reader wrote:
Dr P Hammond, in an interview with Andrew C Hitchcock, said he asked an ANC politician who was behind the ‘hate speech’ law attempt. The politician said it was NOT the Black politicians but was the South African Jewish Board of Deputies together with the ‘gay’ groups pressuring the government to adopt hate speech laws.

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BIZARRE: Russia: Scientists to create a genetic weapon against Anglo-Saxons
This is a bizarre story from Russia. I have the link to the original Moscow Times article in Russian which you are welcome to translate. I have published the translation as well as the original text. Now you will see the crazy type of stuff Russians publish in Russia.

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