Photos: S.Africa: Crime: Mpumalanga lodge razed in suspected arson attack


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PICS: Mpumalanga lodge razed in suspected arson attack

A case of arson has been opened, as well as cases of theft, malicious damage to property and public violence, after aha Bongani Mountain Lodge was burnt to the ground. Picture: Lowvelder/Facebook

An alleged shootout near aha Bongani Mountain Lodge was said to have sparked the malicious damage to the well-known property. Suspects are still at large.

The aha Bongani Mountain Lodge, situated in the Mthethomusha Game Reserve, on the southern border of the Kruger National Park (KNP) in Mpumalanga, was burned to the ground in a suspected case of arson last week, reports Lowvelder.

In a statement released by police, the extent of the damage of the property amounts to approximately R9 million.

Picture: Facebook

Picture: Facebook

A case of arson has been opened, as well as cases of theft, malicious damage to property and public violence.

The incident was said to have been sparked by a poacher who was allegedly shot near the reserve on Friday, the lodge’s director Steven Schneier said in an interview on The John Perlman Show on 702.

Schneier said there was some confusion surrounding this, as it was not certain whether the park’s rangers were responsible for the shooting. According to him, the rangers denied shooting anyone.

Picture: Facebook

He said that on Friday, the lodge received a message from the park rangers on the ground that they were under attack by a gang of armed people and were asking for help.

Police and the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency were contacted.

The lodge continued to receive panicked phone calls from the park’s rangers until Friday evening, with Schneier saying the rangers were running low on ammunition.

That Sunday, a group of people arrived, made their way to the lodge and burned it down.

Schneier said the lodge had received an early warning from friends in the community that “something might happen”.

Picture: Facebook

According to Schneier, the lodge’s manager had previously appealed to police for help.

Roadblocks were set up, but because the lodge’s fence is between 10km and 15km long, suspects were able to enter the property at different points, make their way to the lodge on foot and set it alight.

Picture: Facebook

Picture: Facebook

The lodge’s manager promptly evacuated staff down to the southern boundary of the reserve to keep them safe.

According to police, the suspects made their way to the rooms at the lodge, where they reportedly broke several doors and helped themselves to liquor and mini-fridge items. In the process, they damaged other parts of the property.

Picture: Facebook

Picture: Facebook

Picture: Facebook

“The group is said to have also torched some of the rooms as well as stores inside the lodge before fleeing the scene with the stolen items.”

Picture: Facebook

Picture: Twitter/@Richard_Spoor


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