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USA: Black man stabs White woman and has sex with her as she dies...
I was a big fan of the show Medical Detectives. This story really got to me. And this Black man was not even executed.

Just a quick note. Look carefully at where you spend your money and even who you work for. Do you want to give YOUR BEST to filthy scum who are against your own race?

Think in terms of quietly watching where and how you spend your money. Try and cut back on businesses and products which you know are discriminating against Whites.

And if you work for such a filthy organisation, it’s probably too difficult to leave your job, but I suggest you never given them YOUR BEST. And if need be, gather data on their anti-White activities. Maybe one day when you leave that filthy company you will be able to tell other Whites about what you saw.

WHITES MAKE OTHER SCUM POWERFUL, SUCCESSFUL AND RICH. Stop doing that. You’re helping to kill your own people and the future of your own children.

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Audio: JEWS108: Jews are MANAGERS (Strategists), Whites are WORKERS, Soldiers, Scientists Tacticians
This is a follow up video from How Jews Think. In this video I discuss the class warfare of the Jews as an upper class with a work outlook of Managment versus whites, who almost universally are some form of High Quality Worker. I look at the different outlooks of these two groups and then examine the resulting clashes between then.

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