People scaring themselves paralytic and into depression – How spying really works & how you are being spied on


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[I was watching someone spreading some junk stuff about COVID and vaccines. I don't mind facts, and I am nonplussed by even very nasty data. But I have noticed, especially in South Africa originally, but now also in America, that people are starting to scare themselves into a state of total paralysis. I am finding myself having to discern between scare stories that have no basis and reality. I urge people to not end up getting so scared that they want to crawl into a hole, while, around you, life is actually relatively fine and is no more dangerous than it was before. Learn to tell REAL THREATS from IMAGINED THREATS. THIS IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT. This is a note I sent to a group of people on email who were scaring themselves into ever higher levels of fear about all kinds of UNCHECKED threats regarding COVID. We know the vaccine is dangerous. But now I'm seeing crazier and crazier claims that are from sources I have serious doubts about. Perhaps, people are also scared of technology when they themselves lack technical skills and know-how. So this is a note I sent to the group. I will do a separate post about spies among the Whites in South Africa. Jan]

I think people are going overboard scaring themselves with technology. If you carry on like this you’ll be cowering in a corner for the rest of your life. I am a computer programmer, and I am playing around with electronics, and I see people, even computer people, being scared of technology and all sorts of things. Just take a chill pill. Eventually you’ll want to live in a log cabin without a phone or computer. If you go down that road you will lose. Computers and technology and SPYING is nothing new. People will be spying on us more and more, but there are all kinds of limits and problems. All problems can be overcome through discipline and proper behavior. You should be studying WARFARE and COVERT OPS and SPYING. Learn from the soldiers, learn from the spies, and learn how to turn things around.


A simple example of fear of spying is the fear of being spied on in our emails. People have been panicking about that since the invention of the Internet. And in fact it is the easiest method of spying on us. In these very emails, it is as easy as pie for them to monitor every word of every email and to track us. There are many people who fear even sending emails to each other or participating in a group like this. But ask yourself … which person do you know who went to jail because of emails? Show me someone who was in court and went to jail where they pulled out emails as evidence and admitted that they obtained it by spying on people for long? I don’t know of anyone. Though many of our people are in jail.

Back in 1998 or so, I worked at a place where the white owner’s son was doing drugs. He was boasting of being involved in drugs and talking about how easily drugs were available and how all his friends were buying drugs and how they were going to raves and doing drugs there. I was so sick of this, that after a time, I approached the chief of police for Johannesburg, who at that time was a White man, and I asked him if it was ok for people to be trading in drugs. In the meantime, when the owner of the company’s son went off on a week-long rave and drug fiasco … I went on to his PC and I made a copy of ALL HIS EMAILS. I took it home with me.

Some weeks after I had notified the chief of Police, 2 White Boer cops contacted me, saying they want to speak to me. They came in plain clothes to my house to ask me about the fax I had sent the Chief of Police. I told them the whole story of the drugs and how the drug pushers were working and how this young 20 year old was involved and boasting that they had a mailing list of 100 people who were dealing in drugs. So the White cops asked me if I have copies of the emails. I told them sure, come to my PC, and I opened the kid’s emails and we browsed through them. And as we went through them, the Whites cops would say, "Yes, that name is familiar, etc". After some time they asked me if they could have a copy of the kid’s emails. So I said sure and gave them ALL his hundreds of emails on a floppy disk.

The White cops then said to me: Don’t get involved in this. Stay away from this. Then they said, we have a computer problem and we don’t really have money for PC’s but we will see what we can do.

For weeks thereafter I had heard nothing further from the cops and the kid was still boasting daily about drugs and even offering to sell me some. I thought, I will NEVER help the cops again. I was so furious.

But about 2 months later, having given up hope, one day the youngster was at work, and he said they suspected the cops had infiltrated their mailing list. I was surprised and amazed and I lied and said to him: The South African cops are too dumb to be on your list. What makes you believe they are on your list. Then he began to explain things, and he spoke of people being arrested suddenly, and the (dumb) cops even boasting that they were watching them on the Internet. That Xmas, South Africa had no drug supply and the ravers were losing their minds, unable to have raves – while what few drugs were available had their prices shooting through the roof.

The owner of the company and I had our differences and he terminated my contract. I had only worked for him for 6 months. So I don’t know what happened afterwards.

The world’s police and intelligence agencies gather vast amounts of real data and even do their spying via the internet, websites and blogs.

But has it harmed any of us? No. Because we’re not committing crimes.


In real warfare, you would learn the tricks and art of being able to function EVEN WHEN YOU ARE BEING SPIED ON.

Learn to tell the difference between lots of imaginary scare stories and REAL THREATS. Then focus on REAL THREATS instead of scaring yourself into paralysis and depression.

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