Why is Religion – Christianity – Divisive? Must it be that way? What religion will Whites have in the future?

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[This is from a discussion about religion which was triggered by an interesting article from Renegade Tribune. I wrote this to some people, Christians, who spoke about steering away from religion because it is divisive. But my question is whether religion is divisive, or whether it is a peculiar property of (Jewish) Christianity? Jan]

This was what I wrote to some Christians:

I don’t think religion needs to be divisive. The Romans had over 160 pagan religions and to my knowledge there were no deep divisions and fights among them. Freedom of Religion under the Romans was thus great. Their only problem was Christianity. Christianity became our religion directly because of the Roman Empire. Constantine created this religion, and my view is that he did it in order to stop the Empire falling apart. By then things were going very wrong for the Roman Empire. Christianity is thus a state sanctioned religion which was foisted on our entire race for political reasons. I think thus, the Christian experiment is unique. Whites had believed in forms of paganism for thousands of years and that did not seem to be problematic. I think with Christianity these things are divisive because of the standard required to believe in them, whereas you don’t get the same problem in engineering, science, etc. There are aspects of Christianity that require belief and a personal acceptance of the evidence at a personal level. I do think there is a need for whites to be brought together on the basis of a common system of thinking. That is what Ben Klassen was trying to do. He noted that all great civilisations had a strong religious element. And I understand the need for values, for beliefs, for people (especially women) to need to feel secure in an insecure world. So I’m not against the need for "religion" as a concept. I needed it myself. I think Ben Klassen was on to the right way of approaching this, to bring together things that were based on reality in order for us to have the same values. He based it on Hitler’s National Socialism system. The real value of religion, which Ben Klassen understood was the need for a set of values to unify us so that we are all on the same page with regard to thinking and our goals as individuals and as nations and a race. I think in this regard Ben did the greatest work of anyone, and he was right to base it on what Hitler had put together. Our people are clearly reaching out and looking for other values in this time of turmoil, hence an interest in Paganism, or a move to Atheism. I think however, Nietzsche will have the last word. He wrote and said that Christianity will die but it will take a few centuries to die. He wrote that it will have its moments of ups and downs but ultimately it will die. He specifically said the process would take centuries. You’ll find him saying this in his Zarathustra book which is the only one of his books that I’ve read. Why our people, especially the women believe in Christianity tells me that there are deep seated needs that need to be met and these needs MUST BE MET. However, I think that these needs will be met in the fullness of time. But for now, many people need these things. For example, the Christians are living for the eternal life hereafter. But when you don’t have the eternal hereafter and God, what do you replace it with? My own view is that the only logical realisation is of ourselves as a super-organism. Hitler saw people as that. He saw our group itself as a living organism. He said something about the Aryan race being undefeatable, or something along those lines. Our minds are powerful, and the men and women are perceiving things, including having needs – things that need to give them hope and in order to give life itself meaning. In round-about ways, Christianity gives answers. Christianity also gives hope to the hopeless. But, from my viewpoint, Christianity gives false hope to the hopeless. However, all these problems need to be resolved properly. I think the answer lies in giving each person a full chance to experience life properly and to also understand the role we play in the greater life of the group. We must see ourselves the way Hitler saw us, as a super-organism that can exist until the end of time with the universe as our playground. We are a demanding people and ducking and diving won’t be good enough. In the end, we need firm answers for men and women alike. I am convinced we will get there, and when we do, we will be incredible and we will be totally united.

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