South African Airlines Suffering From Severe Shortage of White Mechanics And Inspectors


[I don't fly much but whenever I fly, like I did this year, I look intensely to see if the pilot is non-white. There are some things I would prefer to NOT SAY on my websites. This is a case where I will be silent about some things … to protect the innocent. Jan]

Because of preferential hirings favoring Blacks, South African Airlines has developed a severe shortage of trained flight inspectors whose responsibility it is to examine and evaluate each aircraft in the airline’s fleet:

According to informed sources, the current corps of inspectors is “dangerously under-qualified” and there is a lack of the necessary experience for such an important task.

Two new Airbus A350S will be delivered soon and none of the flight inspectors have the necessary qualifications to evaluate the aircraft.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the SAA, with the application of the ANC’s labor laws, now employs extremely inexperienced personnel to do vital work on aircraft.

Basically, what is happening all over South Africa is Whites are being fired and replaced with unqualified Blacks as favors to the ANC and EFF communist party members and their associates. The same thing is happening in all traditionally White countries, but not on such an industrial scale as in South Africa.

But because the White population in South Africa is so small to begin with, the repercussions of these firings has a much larger effect because so much of what does actually function there rests on the shoulders of this tiny number of capable Whites. As we’ve reported here previously, SA’s largest electric utility provider is going bankrupt and the country is plagued by blackouts because few White people are left to keep it all going.

And with Blacks conducting the safety checks on airlines, no one in their right mind should be flying on South African Airlines, and surely a major disaster is only a matter of time. Blacks are just arrogant and foolish to think the country isn’t going to slip back into the Stone Age once all the Whites are replaced, removed, or murdered.


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