S.Africa: Ramaphosa’s many lies (& threats to Whites) about seizing White Farms…


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I just want to show you, point by point, how many lies these black scum tell. I’m going to quote sentences and paragraphs from various news reports and I’ll show you how much these bastards LIE!!! I’ll mark the quotes in green and have my responses below in black.

This is from a debate in parliament:  In a follow-up question, EFF leader Julius Malema said the state must own all the land – including the wealthy Cape Town suburbs of Hout Bay and Camps Bay. … Ramaphosa said Malema’s concern that beneficiaries of title deeds will sell their land was a “false fear” and said he did not support nationalisation.

“People given title deeds become so proud that they own something they built with their own hands,” he said. 

“Yes!” shouted some DA MPs.

“We should not rob our people from this deep yearning and quest to own their own property,” Ramaphosa continued.

In this discussion in parliament, Malema pooh poohs the idea of title deeds. He and Ramaphosa are differing over whether the land should be nationalised – which Ramaphosa says: “No” to. It should be clear from this discussion that this is NOT about FARMING. It is about black land ownership … houses, suburbs. If the issue is owning land, to live on, then why do you need to seize remote farms? The vast majority of blacks are urban and live in cities. Ramaphosa admits that the Govt has stacks of municipal land, which they need to release. If these blacks want to live on a property, which can be given to them by the municipality, then why does the Govt need to seize remote farms from whites??? There is clearly something else afoot here.

I should add that there has been a program since 1994, of RDP houses. These are Govt built houses for the blacks. They’ve already built more than a million of them in townships, complete with solar power heating the water.  So blacks have been getting houses built. The original issue was that blacks wanted HOUSES, which they have been getting. Now suddenly, they “need land”. What for? To live on? Because that is what most want … a place to LIVE. They don’t want to FARM!

Ramaphosa was pleased that there was “growing agreement” in the country that the racially skewed pattern of land ownership must be altered.

This is just nonsense. The “growing agreement” is merely their propaganda campaigns that have been at work. Its pressure from Malema, the EFF and ANC that is creating this “growing agreement”. Pure nonsense. This is driven from the top.

He (Ramaphosa) praised the largest farmer’s organisation, AgriSA, for saying that colonialism and apartheid had been “really bad for land ownership” in the country. 

“They say: ‘We want to correct the injustices of the past’.”

Ramaphosa met with representatives of AgriSA on Tuesday.

AgriSA are bloody fools for ever agreeing to say this. Truly, they are morons. You NEVER agree with a communist. If you agree with him, you’re signing your own death warrant. Now that you agree that he is morally RIGHT, you’re screwed. Now you have agreed that you were in the wrong, and so now you will be punished for it. This is pure stupidity. I wrote about this in my book, Government by Deception long ago.

He (Ramaphosa) criticised those “spreading lies and rumours” like conservative lobby group AfriForum, who went “overseas saying the ANC is after a land grab”. 

AfriForum is doing the right thing. The blacks HATE it that whites like AfriForum are now getting a message out of South Africa that runs contrary to their LIES! AfriForum is doing the right thing by far. AgriSA on the other hand are idiots.

Ramaphosa insisted, as he had done since the ANC adopted a resolution at its conference in December, that the process must be orderly.

Everybody in the WORLD, including South Africans (who should know better), believe the enormous LIE that Mugabe pulled off. They believe that “masses of blacks came of their own free will to seize white farms because they were so desperate”. This is TOTAL RUBBISH. The Zimbabwe Govt, used the army and the CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation), to organise and bus blacks to Govt selected farms to invade them. The army was taking the blacks there. There were military officers in civilian clothes with AK47’s controlling the process. In this way, Mugabe fooled the WORLD into thinking that the Govt was NOT in charge of the process. The Govt WAS IN CHARGE OF THE PROCESS ALL ALONG. The (((Liberal))) MSM propagated Mugabe’s lie and now everyone thinks the masses invaded the farms of their own free will. THIS IS A LIE!

He (Ramaphosa) said the ANC “seeks to make explicit what is currently implicit in the Constitution” – that land can be expropriated without compensation.

“The intention of the proposed amendment is to strengthen the property rights of all South Africans,” he said. 

He said the debate about expropriation without compensation “unleashed a wonderful process in the country”.

The above is just pure bullshit. Unleashing a wonderful process – pure garbage. That’s marketing talk. All utter nonsense.

“It must be underpinned by development,” said Ramaphosa, adding that land reform must grow the agricultural sector. 

“We must do it (land reform) in a way that shall enhance stability in our country.”

He said South Africans shouldn’t be afraid of the process to change the pattern of land ownership.

The above may have some nasty twists in it. I suspect Ramaphosa will be handing over white farms to (((Liberal))) businesses. There is no way in hell, that changing the ownership of land from white to black will increase agricultural production. But if they seize farms and give them to mining companies (if there are minerals), then that could be one way of “making the land profitable”. But it will NOT be about farming. I suspect, from Ramaphosa’s statements that he will not be using all the “land” for “farming”. He has other (((business))) ideas.

Finally, a white Afrikaans man spoke in parliament:

FF Plus leader Pieter Groenewald said expropriation without compensation would not speed up land reform.

“The farmers’ message is that they are not going to leave their land freely,” he said.

Nice message from Groenewald.

Ramaphosa replied:

Ramaphosa answered Groenewald mostly in Afrikaans. He said what needed to be achieved in South Africa was transformation, development and stability.

“If we don’t have transformation, we won’t have stability,” he said. 

“There was a historic injustice. That wound continues to fester.”

This is all twisted communist nonsense. He is basically threatening the whites. He’s saying: Hand over the land or there “won’t be stability”. This is communist speak. Ramaphosa actually threatened the whites with land seizure a long time ago. I did write about it on AfricanCrisis well over 10 years ago.

Source: https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/ramaphosa-says-no-to-nationalisation-of-land-20180822

Let’s look at more Ramaphosa lying:

If South Africa does not embrace land reform now, it means the country is embracing instability, President Cyril Ramaphosa said when he answered questions in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) on Tuesday.

Here we are back at threats again. He is threatening the whites. “Instability” is when the black political scum (like Malema and Ramaphosa himself), then arrange “Mugabe-like” land invasions. Suddenly, the whites will find large numbers of blacks appearing on their farms “eager to seize land”. This talk of “instability” … regard this as pure communist threats to the whites. Malema has already been orchestrating land invasions this year. These black politicians, liars that they are, and loaded with MONEY and POWER, will simply pay and organise large numbers of blacks to go to farms and invade them Mugabe/Zimbabwe style. So he’s telling the whites: Hand over the farms PEACEFULLY or WE WILL GET VIOLENT. That’s what is in this communist speak. 

“There is no reason to believe any country will impose sanctions on South Africa,” Ramaphosa said.

Sadly the above is probably true. The West is so utterly bloody pathetic that nobody will take any action against SA. Truly disgusting. Some bastards, like May, have even given him money.

Ramaphosa said there was “increasing consensus” at home and abroad that accelerated land reform was essential for South Africa’s well-being.

The above is pure rubbish. It means that their marketing locally and internationally is working because NOBODY is standing up to them – except for AfriForum.

He (Ramaphosa) said it must be done in a way that strengthens the property rights of all South Africans, and it must not harm the economy.

This is pure garbage. To talk of “strengthening property rights” at the same time that you’re actually stealing land. This is pure marketing nonsense talk. Utter rubbish. As for harming the economy, Ramaphosa, the ANC and the Govt will LIE about this. They know it will harm the economy, but they will LIE TO THE WORLD ABOUT THE RESULTS. That is what will happen. 

The president said his office had not received any communication from the US on the matter, but that Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Lindiwe Sisulu met with the American chargé d’affaires. He said Sisulu was also in contact with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Ramaphosa is seeing to it that the ANC goes and lies to the Americans ahead of the time. They will go and talk their shit to the US Govt. I’m not sure how trustworthy Mike Pompeo is.

He (Ramaphosa) said South Africa had to keep educating those who were interested in the country’s affairs, but who might not understand the country’s history and processes.

Let me translate the above Communist-speak. He is basically saying that they need to lie to foreigners and change their views on what is right. Let me expand on this: They will use all the “past evil apartheid” nonsense in order to justify doing that which is actually INSANE. They will LIE about the fake reasons as to “why this is necessary”. It ISN’T NECESSARY. These blacks NEED to f*ck the white farmers over. That’s what this is REALLY ABOUT. They need to destroy these white farmers (as I’ve said before). But they can’t tell you the real reason. So they go with this bogus BS about “apartheid”, “colonialism”, etc, etc as their justification for f*cking the whites over. Its that simple.

He (Ramaphosa) added he discussed the matter with UK Prime Minister Theresa May, who understood South Africa’s position. He also mentioned Sisulu’s meeting with Belgian deputy prime minister and foreign affairs minister, Didier Reynders, on Monday. Reynders also expressed his understanding of the process.

In other words, they successfully fooled Theresa May (if she wasn’t already on their side to begin with), and ditto for the Belgian Minister.

EFF MP Tebogo Mokwele said South Africa was “still faced by the arrogance of right wingers, by name AfriForum, who is continuously spreading propaganda that white farmers are murdered”. She asked what Ramaphosa was going to do to stop the spread of such propaganda.

He said debate would disprove this “fake news”.

“As the matter is ventilated more broadly, more well-thinking people can see this is a historic problem that must be addressed,” Ramaphosa said.

“We are going to prove that those who are spreading lies about our country… is spreading falsehoods.”

This is crazy stuff. Now these liars play games… now they’ll call AfriForum’s work and the truth put out by whites: “fake news”. This is how impossible this stuff becomes.

He (Ramaphosa) recalled that when the Constitution was drafted there were also people who “ran off” complaining that their rights would be violated.

“Just relax, this process will end up very well,” Ramaphosa said.

He again reiterated that land grabs would not be tolerated.

When he talks of the constitution, this was before black rule. Most whites left, NEVER TO RETURN! What does that tell you?

When he says “land grabs won’t be tolerated”, he is only referring to the illegal activities of guys like Malema. But if the Govt initiates a “land grab”, it won’t be called a “land grab”. They will simply refer to it as “righting historical wrongs”. This is the type of stuff I’ve discussed in my book Government by Deception. I called this word play “semantic warfare”. These people are lying to us. They’re going to steal the land. Its just that when the Govt steals the land, it won’t be called theft. 

He (Ramaphosa) was also asked to respond to “those who say black people can’t till the land” and that this would lead to food shortages.

Ramaphosa said there were examples of very capable black farmers throughout the country.

“The capability of black people in farming runs in their blood,” he said. “If you look at who was working the farms…”

“… It is us!” Mokwele and other EFF MPs said as they completed his sentence.

Isn’t the above pure INSANITY? Here you see how blacks work together in their “group think”. These people are avoiding the FACT that 90% of all farms handed over to blacks FAILED. Suddenly, they pretend they are all great “farmers”. Here they are lying as a group. They are complete, and utter LIARS. How can one even reason with these people? You can’t… you can’t. For the record, Mugabe said exactly the same thing. He said it was pure racism to say that blacks can’t farm. He made the same bogus, empty arguments. These people will NEVER ADMIT that they are inferior in any way. They will NEVER DO THAT! 

He (Ramaphosa) described the current debate about land as “something wonderful in the country”.

“A lot of people bring good solutions that we should not reject out of hand.”

On the notion that South Africa would end up like Zimbabwe or Venezuela, Ramaphosa said South Africa had always been able to find solutions to problems.

“Rather than try and talk our country down, let us talk about the positives,” he said.

“Love your country as you love yourself.”

All the above is pure nonsense. What he might have up his sleeve, are ulterior motives as to what he will do. Whites might even come up with ideas to help these lying scum along. Whites have helped to stop their total madness ending up as failure. I’ve seen this in SA. It is the WHITES who are holding this country up. The whites are the ones who pitch in, when things go completely wrong. It is whites who have saved this country from collapse probably tens of thousands of times. These clowns, liars and thieves talk their shit. One cannot reason with them. So they end with all this “positive think”. I saw this in the corporate world too. Its all pure hogwash. This is what comes from (((Liberals))) and communists. The whites are taking ever more strain. The burden on us grows.

We must cut loose from these morons. Whites really must go their own way. Really. We cannot continue holding up these malicious clowns, liars and fools like this.

Source: https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/ramaphosa-on-land-just-relax-20180911

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