White Supremacy … Patriarchy … Hetero-sexism … Empire: Was it good or bad for Whites to explore & conquer?

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Here are some notes from an email discussion:

It started as a discussion about another person and the USA. Then someone commented:

Maybe the only way they will learn is the collapse of society. When they are older they might remember how good the past was.

Will we be able to rise from the ashes or will most of the world live in perpetual failed states and only a few fascist, orderly countries like China and Japan will survive.


Then another person commented:
Without this so-called empire, we’d still be in the Middle Ages, the "age of discovery"(in all kinds of ways) would never have occurred, and we would still be the dark ages in places like fecal Africa, to which the latter is reverting to as the white presence departs. In other places like India, as the white portion of the genome decreased, the backwarder/"backwater" they became over time. India is still extremely backwards, filthy and fecal, with the few educated, intelligent denizens migrating to the West, which they know is best and blessed. There will be no West, once the best–the whites–are no longer around to pester and pollute, and the rest will then duel each other to death with delight.

Save Our Sod(SOS) From Invasion

Then Keith commented:

I wonder…? I’d imagine we won’t be better off.

I then wrote:
Interesting comments Keith. I also need to reply properly to your other emails. The age of exploration had its good and bad, but among the good was the greatest CONQUEST of NORTH AMERICA!

The conquest of North America is the greatest conquest of our race. What is sad is that Africa, a much, much greater prize has not been conquered by our race similarly.

If the development of North America were done in Africa, the result would a "hyper-power" that would be stronger than North America and Europe put together.

The vast resources, land area and unique global position (e.g. Most land at the equator) would be the greatest power on Earth.

If we had 600 million Whites in Africa – with no blacks – there’d be more room to spare than you can believe.

Imagine a WHITES dominated: North America, Europe and Africa … We’d have everything. This place was conquered before and it can be done again.
Whites tore into North America … Whites tore into Africa.

Our biggest problem was the lack of numbers who came here. At our greatest peak, we had close to 7 million whites.

Our biggest problem was a LACK OF PEOPLE. That’s all. If, for example we could increase our population from say, the 4.5 million to say 15 million, we’d be an unstoppable force here.

If we could add a mere 10 million to our population here, or could double our population from 4.6 to 9 million … let me tell you … 9 million whites here … WE WOULD BE ON THE ATTACK.

The blacks would be running from us. 9 million whites vs 50+ million blacks …. the blacks would be f*cked. THEY WOULD BE RUNNING.

I am repeating to you: THE BLACKS WOULD BE RUNNING AS FAST AS THEY COULD from the Whites!


We must quit being babies, and being SORRY FOR WINNING and being SORRY FOR CONQUERING.

We must be like we were long before Christianity … we must WANT TO CONQUER… to be a POWER to be DOMINANT.

We crawl and kneel before everyone. So pathetic. There is no need.

Even you folks in the South. No need to be on your back foot despite, like you, being in a place where they outnumber you 2:1.

You can dominate them.

Its this Jewish system and all this bowing and scraping to fools, idiots, liars, morons that is killing us all.

We must be the ENERGETIC, dominant species that we are.

We conquer, we build beautiful and fantastic things. WE ARE THE ONLY SOURCE OF PROGRESS THERE IS – ON EVERY CONTINENT AND PLACE.

When our numbers die, everything sinks back to its original retarded state. We are the sunshine. We are the light. We are the ONLY force for a bright tomorrow.

It is not our task or responsibility to concern ourselves about anyone except ourselves. The ONLY thing we should be thinking of, is securing a future for White Children.
Nothing else matters. Nothing else is important. Anything that stands in the way of our children must be torn down and smashed.

Only our children matter. Nothing else is of importance.

I’ve seen what the others do. When they get a chance, they lie, cheat and shaft us RUTHLESSLY and they ENJOY OUR PAIN.

And the path, when the others dominate is always down.

These are firm rules of nature, born out over and over again, from Detroit to Johannesburg. These are laws, the same as the Law of Gravity.



These are the lessons of multiculturalism. That is how it really works when the blacks and non-whites and Jews dominate.

It is an endless slide downwards.

Our biggest failure is our lack of TOTAL UNITY and our lack of children.

These are our biggest flaws.

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