The Point at which Whites will totally lose their shit & get violent…

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INCREDIBLE: Time Magazine admits & boasts about How the US Presidential Election was STOLEN!!!
This is the incredible story they published shortly after the election which names and gives details of the Jew who actually stole the US Presidential Election of 2020. The Jew Michael Avram Podhorzer is the real scumbag who specialises in stealing elections. He was the only one with the money and trade union backing to pull this off.

[This is from a discussion I was having with Alice Frischmann, formerly of She asked how Whites would eventually be recruited to fight the system? Jan]

This was my answer:-
I forgot. If you want to see everyone losing their shit … I mean, people going totally fucking beserk … watch if the stock markets collapse. *EVERYTHING* … *ALL PENSION FUNDS* and *ALL SAVINGS* in *ALL COUNTRIES*… are tied to the … STOCK MARKETS. That is why The Fed and the European Central Bank are printing so much money. Those markets are insanely overpriced. I was just reading where an American guy was saying that current stock markets are more overpriced than the dot com bubble. Alice, if you ever want to see people TOTALLY LOSE THEIR SHIT. If you want to see Whites just going nuts … watch out if the stock markets come down. Oh God … that will be the last straw. When *EVERYTHING* people have worked for their entire lives goes down the drain. I don’t think it is totally possible. I think the governments know this, and that’s why they’re printing trillions. But if it should be that they miscalculated … Oh God … the whole fabric of society will come totally unstuck. That will be the day when Whites, en masse, just totally lose their shit. So many are so dependent on pensions and savings and *ALL* of it … is tied directly into stock markets. So if we don’t get QUICK DEATH with stock market crashes then we’ll get SLOW DEATH through inflation and maybe hyper inflation. Either way, the system is TOTALLY F*CKED. In South Africa, I just published yesterday, unemployment is 50%. That’s the OFFICIAL LEVEL. Alice, in Zimbabwe, Unemployment has been 90% among the Blacks. These numbers make Germany before Hitler, with 10% unemployment look like nothing. They entire Jewish system is unstable. Don’t imagine the Jews get more and more power AND they hold firmly on to it. Alex Linder in his own stuff has said that time and again, as Jewish power grows, it also grows unstable. As the Jews throw more Whites out while bringing in non-Whites, they are not always winning. I’ve been watching it here in South Africa. Let me repeat this. I’ve said it before and will say it again: December 2019 was THE END of Liberalism and Globalism as you knew it. The world is no longer running on that set of rules. Things have BROKEN FUNDAMENTALLY thanks to COVID. And the economic side can’t be fixed. It CANNOT be fixed. The scale of damage is too insane. So as the fabric of society breaks, Whites are in for new shocks and they’ll lose their shit. They’ll go crazier. Look at the violence you’ve seen in the USA in the last 2 years and the protests and violence in Europe in the last year or so. This should show you we are on a new path, and it’s been less than 2 years since COVID hit. I think, even in 3 or 5 years time, huge things can happen. As things fall apart, you’ll see WHITES WILL CHANGE. And if it gets bad enough, they will go crazy. Worse = Better. We’re on our way back to the 1930s …. At some point, at some time, Whites will get ever more angry and violent. Keep watching.

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