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Video: BANNED: How the Jews infiltrated the Vatican & changed the Catholic Church
On Youtube this was one of my videos that began to go viral, which they then stopped. I regard this as a very important old video and I have fixed audio problems and also added some additional comments to the front of this video. This audio is so important that all Christians and even non-Christians should listen to this. This is a fantastic example of how Jews will infiltrate and change virtually everything. I also discuss Zionism.

[One of our dumb Jewish Liberal Parties sent this email. I'm not going to give them scumbags any publicity. I never reply to their stupid emails. But I thought this one was important enough to warrant it. 

I sent them this short note in reply: If the Govt wants to seize property without paying a cent for it, then we should go to WAR over it. Nothing less. 
So that was my little note above to the Liberal idiots. It seems that there is quite a lot more resistance now brewing among whites, and possibly other fools too, with regard to this hideous piece of legislation. 
EVERYONE IS GUIDING THIS RIDICULOUS GOVT OF BLACK COMMUNIST SCUM! It is so stupid. They should probably be beheaded or shot. We need to have more balls in these matters. I am glad to see some kind of resistance building up now and I have a strong suspicion that even the USA and the West are somehow pushing the black Govt back on this to “consult more” with the country, otherwise this Jewish shit bag, President Ramaphosa is keen to ram this legislation through. 
We live in a state where fools, clowns, cowards, idiots, thieves, liars, etc run the show in any way they want. We need mass execution of the “elite” of this country I tell you. Jan]

Some excerpts from the (((Liberal))) newsletter:

After almost 30,000 objections in just two days, and tremendous pressure from DA politicians in Parliament, the deadline for objections against the amendment to Section 25 to allow for land expropriation without compensation, has been extended!

We now have until 29 February 2020 to get as many South Africans a possible to lodge their objection against this disastrous, economy killing bill!

This is what can happen when citizens stand up and make their voices heard.

If you haven’t yet, please be sure to lodge your objection at http://ProtectPropertyRights.co.za, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. If you have already lodged an objection, please consider making a small donation to allow us to continue the fight!

In addition, we are preparing Constitutional Court papers in the event that the ANC refuses to listen and pushes the constitutional amendment through parliament.

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Africa: Witchcraft fears: Newborn babies bashed to death
Blacks in Africa believe the craziest Witchcraft nonsense. In this story you will see the kind of junk they believe and then if need be they kill their own babies.

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