Which is the 2nd Oldest Communist Party? S.African or American?

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[A supporter challenged me with my statement that the South African Communist Party is the 2nd oldest in the world. It seems our Jewish communist scum were beaten by Jewish filth in the USA. Jan]

I must correct you on one point. At 31:45, you said the 2nd-oldest communist party in the world is the South African communist party. I think the USA has you beat there. Our communist party, called “The Communist Party of U.S.A. (section of the Communist International)” was organized Sept. 1, 1919. It actually came from an earlier Socialist Party which existed since at least 1876. In their party platform of 1887, they actually demanded income tax and death tax. Both of these debilitating taxes are now crushing realities in America, and we have the “worker-friendly” commie (Jews) to thank for that!

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